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You Know You've Been Playing Zelda Too Long/are a Zelda Fan When...


Smilus Creepus
Jan 17, 2011
It's a Secret to Everybody
I will admit that this is not the first time I have made such a thread, but never before a Zelda one. It is inevitable that I am not the first to have done this, but I don't recall seeing any of these lately. I suppose I shall begin. I admit that most, if not all, of these apply to me. Feel free to add on to this list, as I know I am missing countless.

You know you've been playing Zelda too long when...
1. You grow increasingly agitated when Link is referred to as "Zelda".
2. You've attempted to forge your own Master Sword.
3. You feel that, by imitating Link, you could easily win a sword fight.
4. You've been tempted, on multiple occasions, to build a slingshot.
5. You quote the Old Man whenever a friend asks for advice.
6. You have found money laying in the grass and interpreted the event with deeper significance.
7. You subconsciously and instinctively grunt whenever lifting something heavy or jumping.
8. You've attempted some form of Zelda cosplay at some time.
9. You declare "The Adventure of Link" the best Zelda title.
10. You enjoyed Wind Waker and say that the game was not ruined by ocean travel.
11. You find Toon Link anything but annoying.
12. You are tired of Ganondorf.
13. You refuse to accept Twilight Princess for the Wii as canon, due to the mirrored graphics.
14. You enjoyed the Water Temple of OoT.
15. You frequently find yourself humming Zelda tunes.
16. The first instrument that enters your mind is an Ocarina.
17. You wish your primary form of transportation was a horse.
18. You've, at one time, attempted to perform a spin attack.
19. You summersault frequently midway through running.
20. You would like nothing more than to carry a sword.
21. You frequent websites such as Zelda Dungeon, Informer, and Universe.
22. You know who my screenname refers to.
23. You stare at trees, expecting them to give you a quest.
24. When picking up anything for the first time, you hold it high above your head, hum a familiar fanfare, and declare that "You got a ___!".
25. You wear green in honor of Link.
26. You attempt to swim in a manner similar to Link.
27. You hold Chickens and Pigs with great reverance.
28. It begins to rain and you declare that it was due to your humming.
29. You carry empty bottles with you- just in case.
30. If a butterfly flutters over your shoulder for a second, you are reminded of Navi.
31. You search for caves behind waterfalls.
32. You drink milk (or other liquids) in a frame for frame imitation of Link.
33. You've at least considered writing a Zelda fan fiction.
34. You insist that Link loves Malon.
35. You've made your own Zelda timeline.
36. You've played Four Swords for the GBA.
37. You've attempted to compose songs with the Ocarina (or any other instruments) in Majora's Mask.
38. You look up at the moon in fear and say solemnly, "Just three days...".
39. You can easily quote Shiek.
40. You know never to press "A" to rapidly when around owls.
41. You read this far on a list entitled "You know you've been playing Zelda too long when" and find it amusing as you realise that it applies to you.
42. You were overjoyed when Dark Link became playable in Brawl.
43. You want a Boomerang.
44. You contribute to this list.
45. You say, "It's a secret to everyone," and find deeper meaning in it.
46. You have your own theory on the origin of Ganon, the Shiekah, or the length of Link's hair.
47. You cried when Link left his grandmother.
48. You contribute to this list.
49. You spell Ganon correctly.
50. When you hear "Moldorm" or "Mothula", you shudder.

My apologies for starting such a list. Please refrain from posting only one, if you should choose to reply at all.


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
(#34: I'm pretty sure Link does love Malon. Or at least he will later. ;) And I'm pretty sure most people do #7 just out of normality. Just sayin'.)

Ok, here's what applies to me:

#13 (yesssssss)
#19 (right after playing OoT for the first time)
#33 (TP's actual story)
#35 (only because my mind processes the games' information after playing them)
#37 (I play Enter Sandman all the time)
#41 (obviously)
#44 (again, obviously)
#45 (sort of)
#46 (for Ganon, as it's stated)
#47 (:kawaii:)
#49 (as evidenced by #46)

Hey, I already knew I play Zelda too much before​ this!


Smilus Creepus
Jan 17, 2011
It's a Secret to Everybody
(#34: I'm pretty sure Link does love Malon. Or at least he will later. ;) And I'm pretty sure most people do #7 just out of normality. Just sayin'.)

I suppose people normally do grunt in such a manner, but I suppose I should have said "unnecessarily". I often find myself shouting aloud whenever moving off of the ground (in a manner much akin to Link in OoT).

Feel free to contribute to the list!

51. You've considered constructing a personal Hookshot for convenience's sake.
52. You frequently replace swearing with Zelda terms, such as Din.
53. When sick, you hum the Song of Healing and feel better.
54. You look under rocks for money.
55. You frequently race your local gravedigger.
56. You feel a green tunic is the best sort of armor.
57. You go out of your way to climb ladders.
58. You think old chests are amazing works of art.
59. The word "Tingle" brings thoughts of annoyance.
60. You've memorized the route through the Lost Woods.


The Quiet Man
Number 12 is SOOO true! I guess I'm one of the 30 people in the world that 14 applies to. And, well, I guess 17 does too, but I love western movies (and those got horses, too) so I think it only half applies.

I'll see if I can add some:

61.You make bubbles and think you'll run out of magic (oh yeah, you also think you're made of wood).

62.You CRINGE at the thought of the words "hey" and "listen".

63.You have a thing for left-handed people.

64.You got a triforce tatoo in your left hand (for timeline purposes) and ask ONLY for the left side to be painted yellow.

65.You SERIOUSLY freak out when you accidentally do something wrong and your friend tells you that "You shouldn't have done that".


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
66.) You've said "Piece of Heart" when meaning to say "piece of art." (A friend on facebook did this.)

I would love to make a video response to this. I'd act out every scenario. If only I could... (Some top-of-the-head scenarios):

#1: I'd have someone come up with a painting of Link and say, "Hey, check out this painting of Zelda I made!" *RAEG!!* *Smashes head through painting*

#5: I'd have a friend come up and say, "Hey, I don't know the answer to this science question." *Dressed in Old Man outfit* "Secrets lie where fairies don't live." "Wait, what?" "Shhhh... It's a secret to everbody."

#18: I swing a toy sword around and hit a few people by accident.

#19: *Rolls while running* "Ahhhh, my neck!"

#23: *Stares at tree* "...................................Well, say something."
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Sacred Beast
Jun 10, 2011
Am I here? Or here? Or here?
69. When you think about the end of the world, you instantly think of or want to play Majora's Mask.
70. You order/make yourself your own blue Ocarina of Time.
71. You frequently draw pictures of Zelda characters and locations.
72. You own any Zelda related clothing.
73. You wish your neighbor's goats were blue and had circular horns.
74. You pick a piece of grass and try to play Epona's song with it.
75. You've tried to carve your own Master Sword in its pedestal out of soap stone.



Smilus Creepus
Jan 17, 2011
It's a Secret to Everybody
I'd love to see this in video form. The Deku Tree one reminds me of a long Zelda parody I once watched, in which Link was a confused Zelda player in modern times. While walking out of a building, a tree starts talking of an epic quest. After receiving the instructions, he runs off. The camera then pans behing the tree to reveal two people speaking loudly while playing Dungeons and Dragons- the source of the voice. It was truly a priceless moment.

76. You've second guessed the pronounciation of "Deku".
77. You think that Pirhanna Plants came after Deku Babbas (though it is chronologically impossible).


Link x Zelda
Feb 7, 2011
76. You're always drawing triforces on your hand.
77. Certain breathing sounds reminds you of the ice creatures in the Ice Cavern in OoT that blow ice at you (my band director was showing how to do breathing gym and made a sound that sounded exactly like it)
78. Your friend who never even knew what Zelda was before they met you has begun to talk Zelda/draw triforces all the time.
79. You see an owl and automatically think of Kaepora Gaebora.
80. You hear the word fairy and automatically think of Navi (or edward cullen. heehee)
81. A triangle, even a single one, makes you think of the triforce.
82. A wolf makes you think of wolf link from twilight princess.
83. When you see a spider you automatically think of bosses such as Gohma.
Sep 28, 2010
Way more of these apply to me than I am okay with XD

84. You sing Saria's Song when you go into any patch of forest.
85. You wear masks and expect people to be fooled by them.
86. You learned how to correctly name wind directions thanks to Wind Waker.
87. You believe you have Minish living in your house.
88. You do things for people and expect to be given a cool item or money in return.
89. You've ever attempted to push/pull a gravestone and see if there's a hole or treasure under it.
90. You play the Song of Time when you goof up and hope that this time it will take you back and give you another chance.
91. You know the penalty for shoplifting is death.
92. You believe that mirrors can be and often are portals to other worlds.
93. The ringtone on your phone is "HEY LISTEN" while the alarm is the Ballad of the Windfish.
94. When a deadline is approaching you begin to count off the hours by saying "__ Hours Remain"
95. You never leave the house without your sword and shield, even if they are only made of wood.
96. You've asked the zoo if they have any dodongos in the reptile house.
97. When you see an eyeball, or anything resembling an eyeball, you are compelled to shoot it with an arrow.
98. When you have to open any type of lidded box you open it very slowly and drmatically. You always do this with the fridge.
99. You collect dead spiders, because you know that's the only way to break the curse.
100. When you come across a different colored tile or patch on a wall you are very compelled to bomb it. Hopefully, you do not carry explosives.

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