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You know when You buy something, but don't use It?

Feb 23, 2011
I am incredibly frugal (or cheap as most people call it), as such I hardly buy any new things - in terms of clothes, shoes, etc.. Most of my clothes and such are hand-me-downs or bought from a thrift store. I reuse and recycle many things as well. When I make a new purchase, I must always be certain that it is important and useful - something I need. Those things come first before such things as video games.

However, there are a few things that I've purchased that I regret to this very day.
  1. Metroid Prime: I played for about five minutes before I traded it in for store credits at Gamestop. I never even learned how to play it. It originally costed me 40 bucks.
  2. Soul Calibur II game guide: I bought it AFTER I completed the game 100%; 20 bucks wasted. *facepalm*
  3. The most regretful experience yet was the time I paid out of pocket for my prescription lenses - 100 bucks. I had only worn them two times Soon after...lo and behold...they break. Unfortunately, I could not afford the cost of repair. Heck, I could not really afford the prescription lenses in the first place. xd *sigh*


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Feb 8, 2011
Goodness, I can be quite frivolous when it comes to my wardrobe. You see, if ever I come across an article of clothing that fits my preference I'll typically bye it. As an example my main target recently was superhero shirts, whether Marvel or DC, so long as it had the logo of my favorite hero on it. But it came to the point where I wanted to get every new addition released (I now have four Superman tees to prove that :bleh:); thus I stopped that a while ago. I'm much more thrifty with my money because I don't think I'll be needing any new clothing for a while.

Right now I'm saving all my best attire for town trips, which are quite few, so most of it isn't used as much. My "lesser" clothing gets worn at home, and I have it the two put into to categories because of that: out and about (in town), or taking it easy (at home).


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May 26, 2010
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I have several Game Informer magazines that are deteriorated from lack of use, several shirts that oddly enough DON'T fit me, and of course many games that I just don't play (Mickey's Speed Race or whatever that GBC game is called). I don't know what came over me; at first I got GI for news about Skyward Sword. But then, Kirby's Epic Yarn was a diversion...I've learned my lesson:

Don't buy game magazines
Don't buy clothes
Don't buy the lesser-known games.


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Dec 19, 2011
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ALL the time. I constantly buy stuff and then put it up, and when I go to clean or rummage I find stuff new and sealed, and I'm like hey, I was wondering where that went or I forgot about that. So I leave it where I found it until next time I go rummaging again and find something else new I bought. lol
I am a horrible person for committing this transgression time and time again!

This usually occurs to me with merchandise. When I was younger, there were so many toys that I forgot about and left to rot one or two days after buying! Also, nowadays I am guilty of doing the same for some videogames and the like! I should really think before I buy.


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Dec 19, 2011
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it happens to me mainly with clothing lol. I'll buy a pair of jeans that i think are OK then i'll wear them once or twice then i'll put them away to never seen them again then when i do find them they are either to big or to small!


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Jun 18, 2011
I keep doing this - I have a ton of movies I have yet to watch (but I kinda like it that way - cause I always have the option of watching something I haven't seen before). I also have some other things I have bought without using, like some clothes and board games I haven't played yet and so far, but it's not a very big problem at least. I still manage to keep my things more or less under control, not everyone does, lol
May 7, 2012
Happens to me alot, esp with clothes, shoes, or kitchen stuff. I find something I feel I need to have...and then don't ever use it. Or use it just once and don't like it lol. Clothes are a biggie. I like the way it looks at the store and then when I get home I don't like it.
Apr 5, 2012
I collect video games. I tend to go to garage sales and buy a bunch of games cheap (I once bought 12 N64 games including bomberman 64, super mario 64, and super smash bros. for $2), however apart from testing to make sure they work, I never play them.
Aug 7, 2011
I consider myself a fairly safe shopper in terms of purchasing things I know I'll use. However buying something you don't end up using is inevitable at some point. I'm guilty of impulse buying stuff on sale that I don't need or even really want in some cases. Most recent example is a dress and some flats I'll almost certainly never wear. At least they were inexpensive!
May 5, 2012
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I've done this a few times. Rather with buying clothes and not wearing them, or books and forgetting them an not read them lol I've even dome it with games (rarely though I usually like to play almost immediately when I get home haha)

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