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You as the opposite sex

Mar 13, 2011
Hmm? I'd be a little shorter, black hair, blue eyes, medium sized boobs, a good booty lol, and unbelievably gorgeous....my name would be Klara La-Shay....and I'd probably date my self.....we would be perfect for each other.
I would also be an Amazing dancer with the perfect body.
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Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
As a female...hmm, I would have all the necessary female parts (has that already been mentioned :right: ), not quite sure what the breast size would be, though I would think on the smaller side. And as for my face, I think it would look pretty similar, except with longer hair, and obviously less facial hair.

crazeh navi

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Aug 12, 2010
Wherever the TARDIS takes me
I'd be a pretty okay looking girl, but what would make me awesome would be that I'D STILL BE A ZELDA FAN :D If I met my girl self, we'd chill together all the time, because we'd have everything in common, but we wouldn't date because we'd be too nervous to ask each other out. EDIT: The girl me would have dyed blue hair, because that'd be amazing.
Feb 23, 2011
Wow, I never noticed this thread here. Hmm...

Anyway, as a female, I would have female genitalia and more feminine features, of course. I'd be opposite of myself regarding appearance. I'd be far less hairier than I am now [hairy is a understatement]. I'd be much shorter than I am now; around 5'5. I'd have long black hair and brown eyes. I don't know about chest size, as it seems a bit awkward describing that kind of thing in this hypothetical situation, but I'll just say they won't be small.

My personality would be pretty much the same: Robotic, sarcastic, introverted, slightly autistic, and artistic. That's about it.


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Feb 8, 2011
Uh, 'kay, here I go...

I'd be slightly tan, for one thing, have my legs shaved (trust me, they'd definitely need that), and wax my face. I wouldn't be into all the glittery/powdery/sticky stuff used for beautification...with the exception of a little mascara, maybe, and a dollop of lip-gloss. Otherwise, I'd style my hair and try to wear fashionable attire that'd make me stand out but not appear as if I'm trying to be the top of any class. I only want to be myself in any situation. And personality-wise, I'd be charismatic, personable, compassionate, understanding (in an attempt), and really furious if someone tried to make fun of one of my friends, or myself. Just my character put into a feminine sense.

I won't go into the development of certain unmentionables.


Sep 6, 2011
Pale, short black hair, wider eyes, slim.
Basically me now, but female and a little different.
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
Me as a girl... lets see. I would probably be tanner, breasts, medium length hair, and my name would probably Taylor instead of Tyler. That's about all that would be different.

Caleb, Of Asui

Oh man, if I was a girl... that would make thing so much easier in terms of, you know, being attracted to guys. :suspicious:

But in terms of appearance... my hair is already orange, so it'd just be really long. (It's annoying how I can't have long hair as a guy. It loops way better shorter :P). I kind of imagine myself like an orange-haired girl I'm friends with (none of my siblings have orange hair, so the comparison wouldn't work).


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Aug 13, 2011
Hm, me as a guy?! Uh, never thought of that. Hm I would definitly still have sandy-ish blonde hair, I think I would be kinda muscular too. Tank tops are a must have. . . Psh, i'd probably be an awsome gay guy like Caleb up there. . . It's weird how Guys have an awsome sense of style. . . Psh, anyway. I might be a bit taller than I am now, and maybe a beard and bushy eyebrows? Nah, i'll just stick with a Go-T and a Musthashe.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Me as the opposite sex...well, here goes.

My name would, if I had the choice, be Aliyah, Zahra or Rebecca. Can't decide which at the moment, but they all interest me. I would be anywhere from 5'6 to 6'0.

I'd like to have shoulder length hair, preferably black or brown. Light complexion as well. My eyes, well I would like my eyes to be round-ish, either brown or hazelnut. It would be nice to have a mole near my chin. I don't want to have a pronounced jaw, I would like a medium size head which would also be sort of round. Small round ears somewhat like the ones I have now [though drastically reduced in size]. Short nose that isn't round but isn't pointy either. I don't want bushy eyebrows but at the same time, so thin that I can't see them eyebrows wouldn't do either [though if it happened; I would live with it]. I'd like for small lips and a rounded-off chin. I say no to freckles.

A short neck would be nice, in contrast though I would absolutely hate to have broad shoulders. In the case anyone asks, I view broad shoulders as 'man-toughness'. Obviously, as a girl I would hate to be manly tough. Manly is debatable and that is not the point of this thread, but I am just explaining my thoughts so as to stave off any deep questioning. Anyway - I think I would want arms that stretch to just above my hips. I would want a somewhat long torso. I would want medium size boobs. My back, I think I would want to have some kind of back problem that while not severe is still there to remind me of what others have to deal with. Somewhat wide hips would be nice..

I do not want to have chicken legs. As a guy I have them, gosh they are so annoying to me but I know not why. All I know is that I don't want them. I don't want to have long, big legs [the exact opposite, please]. Sturdy legs I accept. I don't want to have a big butt, as a guy I'm opposed to that.

Overall, I would like to be a medium sized girl who isn't brittle but isn't tough or anything like that.

Now, for the stuff that actually matters to the guy-me: personality.

I would absolutely NOT be stuck up or think highly of myself. I would be kind to be though not so much that I would be naive, I would not type online in a way that suggests I am better than anyone; not even in theorist areas where theories are debunked or whatever. Video games I would be in love with. I decline the invite to dating, sorry it just isn't required in my mind. I would try to keep a smile on my face day in and day out, and I would like to be cheerful all the time. Mix in a little shyness too, at least towards new people.

Uhm...school-wise, I excel at math as I do now, taking two math classes and aiding anyone I can in both classes. English I would excel at, typing up QPs and sending them into my teacher though sticking in the same class as the rest of my grade level is in. History would bore me, no offense to anyone. Science would be cool in retrospect, and fun in class though not something that I am constantly worried about. 'Foreign' languages I would take up would be Arabic and Spanish, possibly Japanese for that inner weeaboo of mine. I would be of the same student I am now, just freeflowing and making good grades as I go.

I wouldn't pay any attention to the future; rather live for the present than plan for a future that I may not get to live. My favorite color would be green, purple or sky blue. I wouldn't care for any brand of clothes; just get me loose, long clothes that don't reveal my body form and I'm okay. I would have an interest in cooking, my room would be clean 99 percent of the time, and I would play videojuegos day in and day out [Ocarina of Time would still be my favorite game ever]

Never, EVER would I suffer from mood swings, bipolar disorder, emotional fits, or anything of that sort. I would not lock my emotions away, as that only increases stress put on you. Again, I would be cheerful but if I have a problem, don't expect me to either bawl out of the blue or go on like nothing is happening. That's not to say I'll tell you all of my problems, but I certainly won't lie if something is troubling me [people say that is dumb of me to tell my problems, but there is a girl I like who doesn't tell anyone anything until AFTER something happens to her; that generates a lot of problems and it isn't hard to tell that she is stressing out].

So in short, I would be an easygoing, shy but cheerful girl who can trust people, I wouldn't play sports competitively or even as a hobby, but in the instance that I am set in PE class I wouldn't be afraid to play dodgeball, I wouldn't have a guy's personality [so to speak] nor would I be whorish.

That's all I have for now. If I remember to, I'll edit this post with more details.


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Jan 31, 2010
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As a male I would have dirty blond hair, a bit shoulder length. My eyes would still be blue/grey. I would be around 5'11. I would be a tiny bit bigger and probably missing some teeth because I would be a hockey player :D
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The Quiet Man
If I was a girl...umm, I think it'd be hard to define. I already have somewhat girl-ish features, so I can actually see myself like that.

I mean, I'm already referred to as a "Drama Queen" by people I know in real life for a reason. :xd: My voice would have several changes, though. Breast size? I guess it would be somewhat average, not too small, not too big. (I can't be the only one who feels weird talking about this XD)

I don't really feel like I could go into much detail, so I'll go straight to the part that interests me the most: Would I date myself?

I am a person who has some trust issues and can be a bit dependent sometimes. I can also be VERY childish when the chance presents itself, and I suspect a lot about people (like "Does this person really mean that? Is that true? I have to make sure..." and things like that). Those, however, are flaws that a lot of people have, so I guess they wouldn't really stand in the way. My main problem would be that I also happen to have a particularly low self-esteem, and if you take it that person would be ME, it creates an interesting situation. So, in short...

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Jan 1, 2011
im just going to post what i wrote in ZU.
If i was a male, i think i would enjoy it more. Being a female is alright and everything, but the constant hormones and periods going on i think i would be more happier when it will be just a male during those times. But i would rather be a female, the sex is just too good to give up if i would be a male.

Okay serious post:
if i was a male, i want blonde hair, preferably longish, shoulder length. I want a light moustache and a pretty face, wouldnt mind a freckle here and there.
Body features, eh, i guess a bit toned, like i am now, just without the breasts.

If it would come to dating and the other bs i wouldnt date, i would just taunt flirt and tease.
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Aug 29, 2011
Portland, OR
I dressed up as a woman for Halloween last year...*looks around awkwardly and clears throat* So I already have a pretty good iddea of what I'd look like as a woman. That being said, if I was a woman for real...

I'd have slightly lighter brown hair, same eye color (greenish-yellowish), big lips (already have 'em, why not), relatively big breasticles, a pretty dang nice body, and, uh...well yeah, I'd be a pretty cool chick, I s-suppose.

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