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WW's Islands that had no Purpose.


Airbending Slice!
Dec 6, 2008
New Albany, Indiana
Not sure what you are talking about. Every island has a purpose. Even the Star Belt Achipelago, whatever it's called has one. Even though it has no land, it has the Ghost Ship and a treasure. Every sector on the great sea has a treaure from a chart. So yeah, every last island has something, big or small.


The One
Sep 3, 2009
the islands shaped like the side of a dice. they were useless.

On the contrary, they each hold a treasure chart. You destroy all of the cannons to make a chest appear on one of the circular structures which represent the numbers on the die. You would fly to this with the deku leaf, and then you'd receive a treasure chart. Each of the six dice islands has one.

As for what the OP says, I can only think of the Tower of the Gods and the island in the far northeast.
More details, please?


Well, I didn't really enjoy sailing for five hours then find an island that is pointless, although I do love that game!
Sep 13, 2009
I think I found the island you're talking about. Just a stone tower sticking out of the water, right?

I never figured out what to do there. But there had to have been something. All the islands had some purpose, even if it wasn't one of much significance.
Where is this island, do you know? I'd very much like to check it out and see if I can find out more about it.

As for useless islands: I know of none. They all had a purpose, be it big or small, as far as I can remember.


Do the thing
Site Staff
Jan 9, 2008
Probably somewhere
I believe the island he is referring to is Iron Island. And actually, it's one of the islands you absolutely must visit in order to complete the game. You acquire a Triforce Chart here after you destroy the cannons and get inside the actual tower/island.

As previously stated, every island holds something. There are 41 Treasure Charts total in the game, and 8 Triforce Charts, making a total of 49 that you can pull stuff up from. The Great Sea in Wind Waker is laid out in a 7 x 7 grid, making 49 total islands. Each Chart leads to a treasure on one specific island, and no chart leads to a treasure on the same island as another one does.

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Oct 14, 2009
Dabomster I never realized that. I think all islands are useful for hearts or potion or treasure and maybe a blue chu-chu. I do not think there are any islands that are just there for being there.

Silva Sniper

Silly all islands are useful!Of course they are,why would they be in the game.


The King
Aug 18, 2009
An island where there is no fish swimming? I think it is the Tower of the Gods. Or maybe it's the Islet of Steel. Yeah. It has too be one of these two. And they are both essential to beat the game. One is a dungeon and the other has a triforce chart. ;)


Love Truth
Oct 12, 2009
If I remember correctly, that one square with the two rito pilot training ground guys doesn't HAVE an island technically.

I would consider that place unimportant, and not really an island...

But I think all the X-eyed isles were boring places.


Crawfish Prime
Jul 8, 2009
New Zealand
Or, if it's none of the above, there is an island not too far off the Isle of Steel that has a tallish kind of tower, if i remember correctly, but that one may have trees, I can't remember....

Anyways, for that one you have to abuse a seagull into hitting a switch at the top to lower the flame barrier around the chest.....or hole.......maybe.

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Oct 23, 2008
Cookie Kingdom
I thought some islands had no reason to be there. But, then again if they didn't have that area, then there would be a big square hole in the ocean. That would be bad. I would probably fall in it because that's how I am. I wonder where that would lead though. AH! I'm making another topic. My bad. But yeah, some islands were kinda not important.


the islands shaped like the side of a dice. they were useless.
they arent useless, destroy all the pirates boats and cannons that are in the wall that will make a chest appers , inside that chest there is a treasure chart and the treasure of this treasure chart is a map that can show all the places of pieces of hearts ,etc


As far as I know, not every island is essential to complete the game, yet they are all essential if one wishes to get 100% game completion.

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