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General Art Writer's and Artist's Block Advice


Zelda Dungeon's Critic
Jan 13, 2009
I don't want to say.
We as writers and artists all know what it is like to have a visit from those two horrible experiences. We also have our own methods of dealing with these problems. That's why I decided to write this, for those who feel like trying something new for dealing with their particular blocks. You can help too by simply have to write down your methods and leave it for others to read.

Writer's Block:

I deal with this by being who I am. As an actor, I simply act out the scene to get all the words out of my body. I make multiple hand gestures and try to imagine myself as the characters in their scenes, and I often close my eyes to imagine myself in the area in particular.
I found this exercise to help me by giving me an idea of how the characters would be feeling through the emotions of their voice. The pondering of environment also allows me to think of clever environment gags to go along with my story at times.

Artist's block:

I usually try to just randomly scribble or look at other people's art and analyzing it along with backgrounds. When I actually go outside, I look to the environment and the positions of my body as a specific camera angle for an image shot.
This helps me many times whenever I want to try and see what I want to do next for a piece by giving me a dynamic view.

If you have anything to add to this thread, add it. No conversations, just add the advice for professional sake.


Todo is the pfuf!
Apr 27, 2011
Writer's block.

Put on a song. Any song. Put this song on a single play; no repeating, and no song to follow after it. Close your eyes and just type (you can also write, on paper; just be careful not to use a pen/marker because you may go off the page) anything that pops into your head, while trying to both listen to the song and think about your topic. Keep typing ANYTHING you think of. Keep your eyes closed, and don't worry about spacing, punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. Just type whatever comes into your head. Keep typing, and if you're doing it right you'll just keep going when the song ends. Once you stop, open your eyes. Fix it as you need to so you can make something other than jibberish out of it and go from there. Always helps me.

For artist's block basically do the same thing, but instead of writing whatever you think, draw it. If you're painting or whatever, be sure to spread plenty of newspaper (etc.) out so you don't make a mess. :)

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