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Would Your Life Change If You Found Out All That You Believed Turned Out To Be False

Apr 16, 2010
I don't think it would affect me much. I change my views on things somewhat often, so I'd be willing to conform to a religious belief, or practically any belief for that matter, if it turned out to be the truth. I would accept it and move on. Whether there is a god or not, I will do what I think is right. If that's a sin in the eyes of a god proven to be true, then so be it. Any god I would ever want the approval of would disregard any supposed "sins" I've ever committed, although there is a very small list of them - swearing and lust, primarily. That is to say, the falsification of my ideals would have no effect on me, and would really only improve my life, as I wouldn't have to search for an answer since it would have now been provided. Being a scientifically minded person, I'm perfectly willing to change my opinion if need be.


You Mean, Green Thing
Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
My life would definitely change drastically. I can be quite the know-it-all, and I love arguing for the things I believe in. So if one day, everything I've ever had a good, strong opinion on turned out to be completely wrong, I think I might go a little crazy for a while. Eventually I'd adjust, I suppose, but it would be very difficult.


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Mar 22, 2011
Over there, over there, and up there.
I'm not very sure about the Politics, but with religion...
I do believe in God and I go to church, but if I found there is no God at first I don't think the shift would be too great. After all, the world is as it is today, and if there was no God, the world would keep going as it always has. I wouldn't feel like the time I spent praying or at church was a waste, after all it did give me a, lets say, "peace of mind" all my life. The only difference would be that I would now know my peace of mind was literally in my mind all along. However, I think not only me but everything would begin to change.
Not the world, but the people. I think the biggest change I would have is I would start being more afraid. Afraid of others. After all, whether you believe in God or not, religion is for many people a matter of a Divine Law. If it was proven that God is nonexistent, I think chaos could possibly ensue. People that before were held back from evil because they feared their sins would lead them to Hell would no longer be afraid. Religion-based morals would most likely dissipate after a while, and all that would be left would be the physical enforcement of the law. However, it is already hard for the police to maintain order, imagine them trying to do so in a world where all people are unafraid of theft, or lies, or even murder... This might be a worst-case scenario kind of thing, but still.

To stop me from rambling on, I will answer the question with: Discovering that God is a lie would change me, however, it wouldn't change me as much as the things that would happen afterwards... Those would definitely change me in unimaginable ways.


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Jan 29, 2011
Well, the only way that I would know what I believe is false, is to die. And by then my life can't change. :bleh: But let's say there is a way for me to know when I'm alive. Well, yes, my life would change. I'd probably do something horrible like kill myself or something. I belive in God and I love Him so much, if I found out He wasn't real, I'd die. Without God, I'd be a wreck and I'd probably have done some bad things in my past. But He was always there to tell me to turn around and follow Him.<3 If I found out He actually wasn't real, then I'd be torn to pieces, knowing that He's not there for my anymore. Yes, my life would change a lot.

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