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Would You Stop Playing the Legend of Zelda if Link Was Homosexual in the Next Game?

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Nov 29, 2011
New Jersey
Link could be gay now. Nintendo makes it so you can't tell his sexual orientation because he is a direct link from you to the game. so him being gay wouldnt change anything really but they way link is now is fine. if a gay person is playing they can believe he is gay or not and straight people can think hes straight. Whoever what ever you are, you make up your own to however you feel more comfortable with. You use your imagination to relate to link.


Sage of Tales
I don't want Link to have *any* overt sexuality. I like the "no hugging/no kissing" nature of the games with the massive amounts of teasing "will they - won't they" between him and certain characters. I like to ship different things for different games, Link x Zelda for Skyward Sword, Link x Midna for Twilight Princess - I like the whole "lots of girls and some guys (pay attention!) really seem to like Link, but who knows if he reciprocates for any of them."

People kind of expect the Hero x Princess dynamic, but mostly, Link is "blank' so as not to interfere with the players' thoughts on him. I like the freedom of shipping there, for straight, gay, bi, ace players and for fans of different dynamics.

I also do not trust the creators of the walking yaoi-fic sterotype that is Ghirahim to handle a gay protagonist with any sensitivity. It would all depend upon how well the game is handled. If I have a raging sterotype winking and making innuendo all the time (same with "staight Link made into a Leisure Suit Larry" ) then, no, I'm not going to play that game. If it's like any other Zelda game, but where Link has a nice guy waitingn and worrying over him back home while he goes to save the world, why not play it? (Though I may never show my face in the fandom again due to my low tolerance for "raging yaoi fangirls" - and they'd no doubt focus on the *one thing* about the game).

New Link

Link's Reincarnation
Aug 12, 2011
Forest Haven
Of course not! No matter what color, gender, height, eye color, hair color, clothing color, sexuality, name, age, or what hand he uses to fight, as long as the game-play is the same, count me in!


Twilit wildcat: Aerofelis
Yoai fangirls scare me...

I'm no homophobe, but I dislike yoai and yuri. People that like it tend to just want to throw two characters who would never be together in a million years into sex scenes so they can drool. It's disgusting and it completely disrespects the characters. People who support hetero pairings tend to not be that way. So for that reason, I'd prefer Nintendo NOT doing that.

Also, Shadsie...Midna? I think he goes well with Ashei ^_^


I'm baack. Who missed me?
Sep 7, 2011
United States, Michigan
I don't think Nintendo would do this type of thing for a couple reasons. First is that they want Link to, in a sense, act as the player. In most of the games, Link actually doesn't express many love interests in the game, the big exception is Skyward Sword. The other thing is that the whole homosexual topic is so touchy, they would really try to avoid possibly offending people who are against homosexuality and would lose business because of it.

Sir Quaffler

May we meet again
I'm assuming you mean Link would be gay and only gay in the hypothetical game, rather than giving us the option to choose.

If we would have no choice in the matter and Link would be gay no matter what we as the player would want, then I would not play that game. I tend to project my own preferences through the game, Link's (almost) blank slate allowing me to do so, so for him to suddenly be very forthcoming to other male characters would totally break me from the experience. I would never do that, why would I want to play as a character that does that? It would not tarnish the rest of the series at all (I already don't think it's infallible, AoL is an abomination in my eyes anyways so one hypothetical game would not "ruin" the series for me), but I would definitely be more cautious about picking up subsequent games.

However, if that were optional rather than mandatory, then no I would not be against that and would definitely still pick up the game. Include it as an option for people who want the main character to feel more like them, just don't force it upon the rest of us who don't agree with that lifestyle.


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
Well first off, there are very few Zelda games that actually hint at Link being straight. So he could've been extremely gay this whole time.

No i would not stop playing it and it wouldnt bother me. However it would bother me if they included it too much in the story. If Link was hitting on every guy he saw, it would feel too awkward for Zelda. Not because he's hitting on guys (i'd feel the same way if he was flirting with girls all the time), but because Link isn't the type of character to flirt. Link is better shy.

Kylo Ken

I will finish what Spyro started
Aug 10, 2011
No, I wouldn't play this one at all. A very large reason why I play the Legend of Zelda is because I can relate to Link. And that's being objective considering I am Christian.
Aug 8, 2012
I actually do not care. My reasoning is that they do not have any real for of ssexuality in the game to begin with. I wouldnt care aslong as i could beat people silly with a sword.


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
I don't care what sexual orientation gaming characters have. Whenever I play Fable, I tend to explore relationships of both orientations, it's more fun that way :) And what would it really matter in a Zelda-game anyway. It's not like the series is going to more than hint at relationships, anyway. Just look at how potential romantic connections between Link and other characters have been treated thus far - mainly with the other character hinting around, and Link being completely and utterly clueless as to what the character is on about...


Sage of the Dark Forest
Mar 3, 2012
Deku Palace, Termina
Does it really matter what Link's sexual preference is? Link has really never been officially defined as straight or gay as far as my Zelda knowledge goes. I don't think it would have a big impact on the game either.
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