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Would You Stop Playing the Legend of Zelda if Link Was Homosexual in the Next Game?

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I think it'd make for a very interesting game. Link would actually be interesting if this were the case. Most slash fiction exists upon the principle that he at least has the potential to be so and he kind of does look the type... :P

So yes, i'd play the next game if like were gay... and i'd keep playing if Princess Zelda followed suit ;)
Sep 3, 2011
idk. i would have to be in that situation to know. i woudlnt feel confortable i guess :S. id probably just skip the cutscenes. but for the other 16, i would NEVER skip a cutscene. its a pet peeve of mine when someone skips something. GRRRR it makes me outraged. anyway, i dont think it will ever happens. but if it does, id still play it. im a zelda veteran. i beat adventure of link.


Sep 19, 2011
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You know this is quite an interesting subject, I mean if mario was to ever save a prince named bob, i know some would be a bit annoyed. I don't think they should be.
Anyway I think it would be great if Link were gay, he should save prince Zel, a man with a big beard. ;p So to answer your question I would not stop playing... (besides I think Link might already be a closet homo)

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Nov 24, 2011
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Regarding Tingle, I don't believe he is a homosexual. He wishes to pursue his life in search of a fairy. If that means he must dress/act the way that he does, so be it. But, I don't see it as homosexual at all.
So he's more like Ed Wood in a sense ;)


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Nov 24, 2009
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If the gameplay etc. were good enough to make up for the awkwardness of playing as a character that I couldn't relate to then I might play it. Otherwise I'd just skip that game. One game I don't like isn't enough to ruin the series. Only if it becomes a trend.


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Mar 17, 2012
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I don't see how it would matter, not only from a moral standpoint but a gameplay one.

I mean, the only way we'd know he was gay is if they outright told us (like Rowling did with Dumbledore, in which case it would have no impact on the game at all, the way Dumbledore's outing had no impact on the books at all) or if they put in a romantic sub-plot. With a romantic sub-plot (Link x Groose, anyone?) there are two ways it could go, as far as I see it. It could either be a subtle thing that never really becomes important at any point and so has very little significance or it could be a lot more obvious and feel like Nintendo were trying to make some kind of statement which I feel could be distracting and make the game lose focus.

So to answer the question, I don't think having a gay Link would ruin the franchise and it wouldn't stop me from buying the game at all. However, depending on how Link's sexuality is displayed and used in the game, it could be something inconsequential and therefore not worth it (eg. Dumbledore) or it could be something which feel out of place due to too much focus on sexuality.

Explain Tingle then :lol:
Tingle isn't a homosexual. He does not limit himself to one specific gender. Men, women, the pigs of Outset, the Rito and Gorons, the Zoras and even the Deku Scrubs cannot avoid his uninhibited sexual passion.
If it has a hole, Tingle will love it ;)
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May 26, 2010
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I'd still play the game; I don't care for what Link does, I just care about what Zelda does and how the gameplay is. If I don't get what I seek, that is, a story that seems REASONABLE and not totally made up at the last second plus enthralling gameplay that keeps bringing me back, THEN I'll set the game down. And even if I set the game down, it doesn't mean the entire series is ruined -- contrary to the little idiom thing, one spoiled apple doesn't ruin the mall!

EDIT: Link being homosexual or straight has no real bearing on the game at large, is essentially what I'm saying.
Dec 29, 2011
I don't see it being a major issue of whether or not I'd play it in the slightest. Now, I have no problem with character being gay, but I feel like since the series revolves around Link saving a princess (even though the romantic aspect is minimal for the majority of the games) it wouldn't fit his character archetype. Could he save the princess, and also be homosexual? Sure, but I feel like it would be out of character.

So, in short, there's no problem with him being gay, but I feel it's not a legitimate reason to have Link be homosexual. I'd still play the game, of course.
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