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Would You Rather


Vocare Ad Pugnam
Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
Become a pony so I could hang myself and scar the fans of show, which are supposed to be little girls...

Ninja'd but my answer was so awesome that I'm leaving it there.

WYR Become deaf or become mute?

Deaf, that way I wouldn't hear people open their mouth everyday.

WYR be a pedophile or a rapist?


Twilit wildcat: Aerofelis
Hmm, I think both could kick my butt...Toon Link because if I hit him in the family jewels, which is the only way I'd probably win, he would have the funniest expression. He's always more animated with his facial expressions than the more realistic Link.

WYR be able to turn into a cat or a dog?

Blue Canary

Your Friendly Neighborhood S***poster
Feb 11, 2012
Right Behind You
Trash Can
I don't really care. They're both horrible now... it's not like I'm going to watch them anyway. Actually, SB. Then I can browse the SB wiki with out any stupid new episodes

WYR Go deaf or have to live with all the sound in the world in your eyes(And never go deaf from it)?


Nov 25, 2012
The Underground
Stay up all night. Don't ask why. That is my answer. DON'T JUDGE ME PEOPLE. I don't even know.

WYR die by The Master Sword or die by... idk freakin Rayquaza.

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