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Would You Rather


Version 1
Apr 6, 2011
The Turnabout
Hmm... this is a tricky one... I think I'll go with Cat Dragon, since we have a Dragon Cat here already!

Would you rather:

Drink Zora Butt Water, or sewage! :O Nasty, nasty stuff!


Smash is Life
Sep 23, 2012
Beijing, China
Geez, the pain of the former would be worse, so I'm gonna go with screwdriver in the knee.

Speaking of which, would you rather take an arrow in the knee (thus destroying any capability of yours to be an adventurer), or be forced to speak in "arrow in the knee" jokes for the rest of your life?
Feb 5, 2011
I have both, so no need to choose.
WYR live with "Link" always saying "EXCUSE ME PRINCESS!" everyday and everytime or with Optimus Prime saying "Hold on to your dreams, the future is built on dreams" just ONCE and when you really need it?
Feb 5, 2011
TV show. I'd show them what the network that cancelled them prefers so we'd storm their offices together.

WYR have your own Megazord or have the coolest weapon if you were a Power Ranger?

Lord Carlisle

He Who Shall Not be Named
Sep 9, 2012
In a car, so I don't have to fear plummeting to my doom.

WYR recognize me as your ruthless dictator or jump off a cliff?

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