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Would You Murder Everyone in Your Family to Cure All Illnesses?


Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
Classic moral debate of the good of the many vs the good of the few. To which I respond: do no harm, the pledge all practicing doctors have to take, and the ethical code I feel best applies to this dilemma. The same way I wouldn't force a person to give up a kidney to save another person, I would not kill to save others from the circumstances of their health and genetics. If I were to agree to the conditions, I would be doing harm to my family. If I declined to accept the conditions, no one is directly harmed. Yes, it would be condemning society to however many more generations of disease before a cure is found by science, but no one should be responsible for the misfortune of others if they did not cause the misfortune themselves. The kind of responsibility that this dilemma proposes is not one I feel should ever be thrust onto a single individual, and for the same reason I do not believe to say no to this question is selfish.

Illness, death, loss, and hardship are all part of life. How much good would it actually do for society to just magic these problems away? But that's another question entirely I suppose.


Dec 12, 2009
New York
As selfish as this may sound, no. These diseases server as a form of "population control" if you will. Eliminating them would make the population get even higher, from reducing the amount of deaths in a given day, thus causing the human population to live in worse conditions with less food, room etc.


Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
No, I'm never going to kill anyone. I don't care if it will save a lot of people I'm not going to kill anyone. (sorry if that sounds arrogant)


Keyblade Master
Jul 31, 2012
Oh wow, most of the people in this thread sound really crazy. Killing people to automatically produce a cure. If I was mad(really mad as in crazy)then maybe.

To put it in stone, I could give a damn about my family, they piss me off and I hate most of them. But this still sounds insane.
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Not Take Mirror

Sage of Ice
Dec 8, 2012
Minneapolis, MN
Would I sacrifice my own life for the sake of the human race? Maybe.
Would I sacrifice my family? I doubt it. I just don't think I could bring myself to purposefully murder people I love.


Soldier for Christ!
Jan 29, 2011

I don't believe in "for the greater good" kind of thing in most cases. Obviously in this case. To murder everyone in my family, all just to cure all illnesses? No. First off, murder is (little background here before I say this. I'm a Roman Catholic, and I follow what the church says) against the law and one of the Ten Commandments. It's a major sin to murder, no matter the reason behind it. Murder is taking someone's life, when you have no right. I would never commit such a dreadful act. Not even to prevent the world from blowing up. Never ever ever. Done.


Jan 12, 2013
The Twilight Zone
NO! Number 1: there my family and 1 of the most importaint thing to me EVER! Number 2: our lifes are Gods not ours so I won't be the one to pick whos lifes are more "Important" than other!


Jul 1, 2012
In some cases family can be very important to someone!

Now whether the small minority of your family compares with the idea of saving many probably millions lives in the future is an interesting topic! Am sure a percentage of people given the choice would give up their life in order to save someone special to them never mind your whole family but to sacrifice not just your life but the people who you are supposedly close to, your own blood!

I think I would have to distinguish how important my life and how important my family are to me before making the decision...However I do believe you can make great relationships and friendships outside of your family, I know a lot of people who generally hate their family but yet are really happy!

I guess the real question is that do people you no nothing about are more important than your own family! For me this is just to hard of a question to answer, as I couldn't go through with killing some of my closest family members but if the question was "If you had to live without your family to cure all illnesses would you?" Then yes I would but I believe that murder in that sense is wrong...
Nov 27, 2012
Well, do you believe in human testing? Even if its against there will? And they are being tested with very dangerous medicines not tested on any other living organism? And if you would kill your family, how many more innocent people would you kill? 100? 1,000? 10,000? what about millions?

Your answer is probably "I only have 2 siblings and a mother and a father, it isn't nearly as many." but what does millions compare to the billions the cure could save? In the end, you would be saving more then you would be killing. If you choose to kill millions, we might as well start up concentration camps filled up with test subjects to find cures, but we don't. Even if in the long run we would save more people then killed. But with people, we don't value them like that.

We aren't money, where the more you have the better, we are thinking creatures with ideas and emotions, we each have a value that can't be numbered. And to kill one to allow two to live, that should be up to the person dying whether or not they want to be sacrificed. So no, I wouldn't kill my family for the cure of all illness, it may save billions, but its not my decision to make, its the individuals with their life on the line.
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May 9, 2010
I swore to myself that I wouldn't take one's life even if it would cure something. It's just not my thing, I'm not sadistic nor will I ever be. I love my family(even my virtual family) as if they're the only humans left in the world


Oct 24, 2012
Crisis? What Crisis?
Pan-decepticon-transdeliberate-selfidentifying-sodiumbased-extraexistential-temporal anomaly
I'd have to ask my family nicely first.

It's not up to us to expect others to make sacrifices.

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