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Would You Like TP if It Was in WW Graphics?


Jun 3, 2011
I remember hearing TP was suppose to have the graphics of WW, so I wonder if I would still like TP. I decided that I would still like it because games are games and graphics shouldn't madder. Yeah I still prefer the graphics TP has now but it still would be the same game.
Nov 14, 2011
If Twilight Princess had Wind Waker's art style it would certainly be...off-putting.
I loved WW's graphics, they're adorable and all but TP's drama and plot requires a more serious approach in terms of style and character design. I'd still play it and enjoy it but it would hinder the overall experience, yes.


It would be... very different as opposed to how it is now. I cant take Wind Waker all that seriously because of its graphics which is why I like it so much, it's fun and playful and not as serious. However, the story line for Twilight Princess was much much much more serious and was very down-to-earth, I dont think it would be able to follow it's story with WW graphics and would've all around been a failure to the Zelda series (in my opinion)

Although it would be kind of funny to play WW graphics to say... Majora's Mask. :)

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