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Would You Like to See More Customization?

May 2, 2012
I have to say after playing Skyward Sword I really loved the fact that you could upgrade your weapons. Although not fully fleshed out and complex it was still a cool refreshing new feature.
Now, I wonder if things like these also impress other fans. I see a lot of this attitude where fanboys complain that it would be too far away from the normal formula of Zelda, the game won't sell as much or, "I won't buy it."

Although we did have the ability to forge new swords via trading quests this was something a little different.
Would you like to see maybe new armor customizations in a new Zelda game? Would that be too far away from the Zelda formula for all of you? Do we just want the same old Zelda formula?

I for one would LOVE to see this upgrading and customization ability used in a future Zelda title. I can only imagine a Zelda game where you can do other quests to gain new armor or swords. Having the ability to go hunting for more materials, some a little challenging to get. Maybe even some DLC armor or weapons.


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Armor would be cool, but I wouldnt want Link running around in a full suit of metal plates. Something more like simple chainmail or leather armor. The chainmail can reduce damage from physical attacks like a stalfos' swipe, and reduce the damage from falling off cliffs. Similarly, the leather armor can defend against magical attacks like a dodongo's fire breath and falling in lava. Then you could upgrade both types of armors to make them more effective, and they'll take damage and eventually break if they're worn in the wrong situation. You'd also have a no armor option, in case you didnt care for it or were going someplace with a variety of hazards and didnt want to have to buy new armor.


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Feb 8, 2011
This would be a really neat addition to the series.

Customization opens up a lot more opportunity of equipment usage and collectability. Like with Monster Hunter Tri or Skyrim, customizable gear could be obtained from the typical treasure chests or spoils taken from fallen foes (for Zelda it could just as easily drop on the ground as the body disappears). I can see each piece of "loot" put on Link by simply accessing them through the pause screen. This sort of idea hearkens back to OoT's and TP's menu, which allowed you to garb yourself with various tunics and the occasional Magic Armor. But they'd be added to Link individually, giving more variety to him overall.

Additionally, as others have mentioned, the collected equipment could be upgraded for improved weapon performance and enhanced potions, to name a couple. In other words customization would complement the recent upgrade system very well. Yet instead of only working on items, the upgrades would also apply to certain types of armor. Dragoncat covered this quite well already and mentioned viable implementations that adequately suited the standard Zelda formula. Certain types of armor are given different abilities, such as protection from lava or reduction of damage like she broached. And it would accost Zelda superbly.

I'm not for a lot of changes, but customization provides a lot more content and diversity as far as things to do, and encourages exploration to be nonlinear. This has proven to work well with other franchises; and while it might seem to be ripping off Monster Hunter or the Elder Scrolls, it'd actually be borrowing an element to influence the elegance and fluidity of a system that is still way unique on its own. Others have borrowed styles from the Legend of Zelda, but not to rip them off. So I believe customization would overall bring more benefit than detriment.

Customization would be cool, but I'm not sure how it would git into the Zelda formula.

Following the logic above, I think it's very possible that Nintendo could pull this off. Look at what they did with Skyward Sword. Upgrading items didn't radically change the formula, but rather added something more to it. ;)


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Thanks Thareous :)

Anyone who gripes about customization being a bad thing for the series can go join the "OoT is the only good Zelda game" people's pity party, lol. I'm open to new ideas as long as Nintendo doesnt stray too far and give Link a laser gun and a spaceship. That's a different debate though...but anyway, customization worked in SS, it can work in future games.
May 17, 2012
It was a neat touch adding gear upgrading, and I wouldn't mind seeing it in future games, but full-on customisation would be a little too much. It would add a layer of complexity that doesn't really belong in this kind of action adventure game. You'd be effectively changing the genre of the game at that point as it might as well then be an RPG and the majority of the game would be loot gathering.

Also don't forget that despite your own age, these games are generally aimed at a younger crowd, and the added complexity of a full-blown customisation feature would put off a lot of younger gamers. I like my RPGs, don't get me wrong, but I don't think it fits in a LoZ game... because it's not an RPG.
May 16, 2012
i hated that you could only customize some items.. i also think the customization could be a little more.. custom. there were only 3 variations of the same weapon i think. they could have done more
Apr 7, 2012
Duck Land
being able to customize things would be actually really cool
i'm an artsy type of person, and I love to make things my own.
so i'd be all for it.


Jun 22, 2011
I thought Skyward Sword implemented customization fairly well. As long as it remains mostly optional I don't see how expanding it could get in the way of anyone's enjoyment of the games.

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