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Breath of the Wild Would You Like to See a New Child Link in Wii U?

Jul 1, 2013
Not necessarily, there's still a chance we might play as a child Link.

Very true! This title is supposed to be about breaking trends and returning to their roots after all, so maybe ZeldaU won't follow suit with SS and TP. It'll certainly be interesting to see.
Jun 5, 2013
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Personally, I loved this younger concept sketch that they had in Hyrule Historia for TP. I was happy that an older Link was picked for that story, however. It's whatever fits :)

I wouldn't mind either way, I'd love to see either version or even (stretching my hopes a little far) both ages implemented in the same game again.

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Feb 11, 2012
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I would actually like that. I feel that for a character that doesn't talk, you can give him more character development as a child.

I personally don't care what age he is, as long he's under 80 years old.

Hey, I could picture him being really old. I could kick some butt with old man Link (It may not seem like it but I'm being serious. Having Link be an old man would be a great idea. I dunno, but I never thought there were enough games where you played old people.)
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I wasn't really a big fan of child Link in OoT, but I loved Link in WW. Personally I think and older Link would be better. A young link could look bad unless the look of the game fits him.
Nah, like Miyamoto said at e3 04, things have to move forward and now with an older Link i think nintendo should keep using him. I perosnally dont enjoy playing as Young Link too much so i'd be calling for an adult Link for WiiU


Personally I liked the young Link from Majora's Mask and I would love to see him again but just not right now. Maybe in a handheld Zelda game? :dry: But for Zelda Wii U i would like to see an older Link (Like from Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword):). As for artstyle I don't care as long as they do it right ;)


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Feb 9, 2013
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Young Adult Link (14/15 years of age) for Zelda Wii U 1, Young/Teen Link (12/13 years of age) for either Zelda Wii U 2 or Zelda 3DS 2 (the game after ALBW).
Aug 9, 2013
maybe link can start as a kid and like the original concept art for wind waker grow the more you play the game
(example: you play through the game in about a week or so link is still a child, play it for about 3 weeks and link is now a tweenager( yes I just said that) play the game for 5 weeks and link is an adult) also note link would not age as the game is off as long as your not playing he'd stay the same. they could also make cutscenes different depending on what age link is. this is just my idea. like it?

I feel as if Zelda's all about being a kid, a kid who is faced with an evil that you have to stand against its easy when your older but when your just 9-11 years old its even more impressive

I must be a lone ranger as I would love to see an older Link. I don't mean a teenager I mean like late 30's/early 40's possibly with a young family he must abandon in order to save the world. It would be a great change of pace and would fit a post MM pre TP setting great! (heroes regret incarnation etc)
but Zelda's all about being a boy who is faced with a great evil they have to stand against if link was 30 or 40 of course it would be easy for him to smack down ganondorf and stab malladus cause he's already strong
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