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Worst Injury


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Feb 7, 2010
Palace of Twilight
I've never really been through any serious injuries.. I haven't broken any bones yet or any thing like that but I remember one injury where I had to get stitches on my lip, It was when I was 5 or something like that I was at this party blow up thing that you go through and after I went through it I ran full speed back to the start and I ran so fast I couldn't stop myself and my lip crashed right into the window sil I fell back and my lip was gushing blood hadda go to hospital and get stitches :(


Jan 31, 2010
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I've never had any horrible injuries. But here are the worst ones I remember.

1. I was walking past an old computer desk with sharp corners... and I felt into it with my hip, making a pretty wide and deep cut, but not deep enough to reach bone.

2. I broke the nail on my left hand ring finger a little over halfway to the end of the quick. I was terrified that it wasn't going to grow back as far down as it was, but it did.

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Aug 18, 2009
I don't know what is wrong with my spine. I am pretty sure something is amiss with it, you know, like a displaced disk or something. It's been like four years since I felt back pains, and that kind of pain has not gone away, I feel like my back will lock itself up when I bend a little. It definitely hurts...That is the worst injury I can think of that I've suffered. Oh, then there is my right knee, but that one hurts simply because of too much soccer ball kicking. Yes, as a striker that I am, I have an original goal out in my back yard, my brother and I and friends too, play soccer games there. So, too much playing, too much kicking has probably worn my knee out. It hurts every darn day....even while I am sleeping.

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Jun 11, 2009
Horrid, Ohio
Well, when I was like...three, I smashed my middle finger on my left hand with a bowling ball. You can still tell that it's smashed today.. =(


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Jan 18, 2009
in my house
I haven't experienced any severe injuries such as breaking a leg or some other bone if you consider that severe . The probably worst injury type thing I've gotten was a metal rod from a broken antenna scraped up my arm, removing little skin. It didn't hurt or anything. Then some of it healed and there's part that my Mom said may not go away for maybe 15 years. Just a scar.


Dec 1, 2009
That place where things are.
I'm not entirely sure about my worst. I know I broke my finger once jumping up on the arm of a couch. I put my arms on it then jumped back, causing my finger to get caught on my pocket and be pushed all the way back till it just...snapped.

Another time I wrecked my bicycle. I brought it back on a wheelie, lost my balance and fell back, slamming my funny bone on a rock and it made a gash. Said gash bled so much that a white shirt I had was mostly red and after 4 or 5 washes it had to be thrown away. It bled for quite awhile, to, on an off for about a week. Didn't go to the doctor so I didn't get any stitches.

There was this other bike wreck, too. I was turning and hit some loose gravel and the bike fell over, I was going rather fast, so when I hit I just slid for about a foot or two. Wasn't too fat but it put a gash around where my kidney is, scraped my arm and knee up. It wasn't as bad as the first wreck, though.

The odd part is that the bike I had must have been cursed, since everyone who rode it had some really bad wreck.

There's this story my mom tells me about sometimes, though. Apparently, when I was little, I was jumping on a bean bag (No comment.) and fell head-first into one of those stone areas surrounding a fireplace. It apparently bled really bad and it caused a scar that's been on my forehead since then.

I've had a few more, but those were the worst of them all. As for which is the most worse, well, I can't decide.


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Jan 29, 2010
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Probably the worst injury that I have ever gotten was when I went camping and I was trying this trick on my bike where I balance myself on one pedal and have the other foot hanging off, and then I push the bike along and swing the hanging leg over the back wheel. Me and my cousin had pretty much mastered it when I lost my balance and fell with my leg half way over the bike. I fell onto the cement with the bike on top of me, and scraped up my knee and my elbow pretty badly. The funny thing is that later when my uncle was trying to rip a piece of gauze to put on the knee, his hand came off the gauze with such force that in flew back and hit my cousin who was standing right behind him in the face! Lots of blood that day... XD


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Skimmed the topic. My last reply was apparently one of those erased in the last glitch.

Some folks who hang out with me in the Shoutbox know about it. On December 28th - 09, I fell down a flight of stairs at work. I work at a horse ranch and I was coming down from the hayloft in the barn. I don't know whether it was my boots, some debris on the stairs, or my turning back to close the upper door too quickly, but I slipped. I tucked myself under, tumbled over about fifteen steps and slammed into the concrete floor.

After screaming... a lot... I tried to get back up but coworkers told me to lie back down because I had hit my head and head injuries can be tricky. Got to ride in an ambulance, got strapped to a board...

Turns out I cracked the radial bone of my right arm near the elbow. I also had to go back to the hospital a few days after the initial accident because I found out later that I'd had an internal injury (bruised kidney) - thought I was just feeling sick from being bumped and bruised, but it turns out it was more serious. Spent three days in the hospital and was ready to climb the walls by the time they let me out. I took some physical therapy and have spent the last month and a half recovering my arm. I'm back to work, and, aside from occasional soreness in my arm, I'm fully recovered. I'm just glad I have a nice boss who was wiling to cover my medical bills. Most other bosses I've had in my life I probably would have had to sue for that, but not her, she's awesome.

That's the most I've ever been injured. Considering I slammed into solid concrete, one of the people I work with who saw it all is surprised that I'm alive.


Mine would be the time a pair of scissors got logged in the lounge and I was sitting on the back and feel and the scissors went through my foot lucky I didn't need stitches :D


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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
Besides my appendicitis (which I won't call an injury because it happens unexpected) the worst injury I had was when a tile felt on my middle finger. Man that's worse! My fingernail had been blue for days..................

I forgot!! My worst injury was when I didn't watch out and cut my rigth foot at some glass. I had to go to the doctor and I got about 5 stitches. Now the scar is hardly visible


~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
well, i always get minor injuries:ive broken my finger and stubbed my toe so bad that i couldnt walk but the main injuries ive had are:

i was jumping up and down on my climbing frame flipping a pancake (yeah, i dunno) (i was like 7) and i fell and cut my stomach right down the middle and i was winded and couldnt walk for like 20 mins but i didnt need stitches but i got a scar but its gone now

and i was 7 again playing at the Whacky warehouse or somewhere and a load of annoying boys from my class were pelting me with multi coloured plastic balls so i threw one at them and it hit them and they started crying like a whimp so he got his brother to pound my face in, i was unconcious for a minute or so but nothing came of it.

also one time i fell out of a bed at my mum and dads friends house and a bookcase was next to me and i banged my face on it and got 2 black eyes but worse my teeth ripped my gum and it bled everywhere, all in could taste for hours was blood!

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also another of my worst injuries was when i was playing a random toy trumpet and my sister hit the end of it (on purpose) causing the mouth piece to slide into the top of my mouth causing a flap of the skinny stuff on the top of my mouth to come off and bleed and there is a little hole i the top of my mouth now!


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
Usually I'm very careful about what I do that way I prevent injury. Anyways, my worst injury was definitely when I cut my cornea. I was young and was at my dad's softball game when I took a tree branch and hit a tree with it. The branch snapped and came back to cut my cornea. I was rushed to the hospital where they fixed my eye. When they fixed my though, they did not knock me out, because I clearly remember seeing the doctor put stuff in my eye.


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Jan 29, 2010
When I was seven, (I'll mention that I'm homeschooled, and back then I was a slacker at school), I tilted my chair back by the back legs and I was still sitting in it, the it came down and I cut my scalp on the piano's bottom board that stuck out. My dad took me to the doctor and i was scared like crazy. The only thing that hurt was when I got the cut and the antiseptic shot. After that, nothing. Then, when I was ten, I was riding my older brother around on my bike, but when we were going down the ramp that lead to our house, I couldn't turn and I 'rode' down to the land lord's and slammed into a cement post. My bike's basket was almost smashed, and I was bleeding on my shoulder, my ribs hurt, and I bled in around my groin. I forgot what it was like to cry so hard you had to take breaths in between sobs until that happened. I wouldn't call it an injury, but I have a cleft/pallet and I had to have a peice of my hip fractured into the pallet. I stayed in the hospital for two days and I couldn't sleep. I still have an area of my hip missing.


I was severely injured when I accidentally ingested several bottles of lamp oil, five bombs, and a rope.

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