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Worst game in your favourite gaming franchise

We all have our favourite gaming franchises and they're our favourite because the games speak to us and we enjoy them.

But it doesn't matter how good a franchise is, if it has gone on for long enough then there'll be a game that's at least a little disappointing.

So, what are you least favourite games in your favourite game franchise?


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Apr 7, 2019
Spirit Tracks is charming, but ultimately pretty dull, tedious and boring to me. Don't like the damn train, the dungeons or the godawful tower of spirits.


(Not technically a franchise but) Ico is significantly less interesting and appealing than both SotC and TLG. It, too, made me somewhat bored.

Final Fantasy XIII-2. Don't get me started. A ****ing abomination !! :(

The new Phoenix Wright games for 3DS... particularly Dual Destinies!

Finally, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Even while playing co-op, it felt very flat.

(Oh, and I've spared myself the presumable torture of both Other M and Federation Force)


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Dec 26, 2017
Zelda: Tri force heroes. Not a bad game but not great either. Pretty fun in multiplayer, if you actually manage to abide to the games strict rules of 3 players, but alone its pretty bad. Getting all these single player checkmarks was true hell.

Monster Hunter: Generations/Ultimate. Hate the styles, hate the arts, hate the deviants, and just the general style of the game. Doesn't help that the game pops off with a idol themed credits segment instead of the Diva.

Smash: Smash 4 wii U. The wii U version ended up with the worse modes and stage selection, and just the general new characters in 4 didn't do it much for me.

Dark Souls: 2. Combat feels very stiff, and there is a LOT of artificial difficulty going on in this one, especially in new game +. Adding enemy hordes at ever corner is not good gamedesign.

Mario: NSMB, in particular 2. The whole coin gimmick is played very badly, and is literally just for a new title screen, that mixed with the very boring NSMB aesthetics, and boring powerups, makes this easily the worst.

Starfox: Command. Terrible story, very boring gameplay. Every mission feels the same.

Dragon Quest: So far I've only played up to 1-6 and 9, and the worst so far is 9 by far. Terrible 3D graphics, boring story, and just a very tedious game in general. All those quests in the game require you to do some real tedious stuff.

Kirby: Star allies. I know kirby is easy, but this game basically plays itself. Using the partner system, which is needed for the secrets in the game, makes the game a terrible experience in single player.

Metroid: I want to say Other M, but for viarity sake I'm gonna say a game thats almost just as bad, Hunters. Single player is very boring and not even worth mentioning, and the major selling point, the multiplayer, was just ruined by glitches or cheaters since day one. Thats and the controls are pretty annoying.

None of those I would say are terrible or even bad games honestly, except Hunters and maybe star allies.


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May 4, 2012
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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker [admittedly haven't played Portable Ops yet], its structured more differently from the others in that its mission based, but what makes it the worst are the boss battles, they have TOO MUCH HEALTH, some I couldn't even beat w/o doing multiplayer and having someone else help out

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, thing is I've only played through this game once and that was on my initial playthrough when it came out, I really don't remember a whole lot about it so it didn't leave a big impression on me, I'd like to try it again someday

Xenosaga Episode 1 [putting it under the xeno name], its a fine enough game and all but it is just not touching Xenogears, they're on two different leagues to be honest

New Super Mario Bros 2, I just found it way too easy and kinda boring

Zelda Oracles games, I'd really just play any other zelda game

Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia, way too long, drawn out, and hard for me, and the corny as all hell writing in some spots

Sonic 3d Blast, so I hate the isometric viewpoint in general, only a few games like mario rpg where I just barley tolerate it, but playing this game seriously made my stomach turn, I can't stand it
Oct 13, 2013
I'll list a game that is my least favourite in some IPs I do overall like.

Zelda Wind Waker - I just really don't like that game for many reasons.
Super Mario Sunshine - Just liek the above, it's jsut not a good game at all
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze - It's a good game. Still I think it's the weakest of all the DKC games. The other games are just so good that this one ends up at the bottom.
Master of Orion 3 - Total train wreck of a game. Just play MOO2 or MOO4 (the new game). MOO2 is in my opinion the bext 4X game ever and MOO4 (with the DLC) is also not bad. At least it's similar to MOO2 in many ways.
Star Fox Zero - Unfortunately i have to say this. It's not the controls. Even with proper controls this game is still not good. It gets the fundamentals of what should be in and should not be in a Star Fox game all wrong.
Paper Mario Sticker Star - Color Splash is just as bad but if no one bought Sticker Star, then Colour Splash would not have been a thing. PM64 and TYB both worked very well and both are very good games. Which of the two is better? That's up for debate with no clear winner but both are so much better than the mess that was Sticker Star.
Warriors All Stars - Dynasty Warriors 9 was not good but at least it tried to break new ground. Unsuccessfully but it tried. All Stars didn't do anything new apart from being record levels of terrible. I have played it and I'm never buying it. That's something as I actually own SW4 and SW4-2 as well as WO3. All three of those games are not great, but I guess SW4 and SW4-2 are not terrible. WO3 I really didn't like but was willing to give it a try. WAS didn't give a Musou fan such as my self a reason to buy it.
Xenoblade Chronicles - Only 3 games in the XC IP so far. Xenogears not incuded. All 3 are very good but in my opinion the original is a good start to the sub genre of the Xeno IP. This first game is clearly the weakest in my opinion. Almost everything the first does, XCX and XC2 does far better.
Smash Bros for WiiU - Easily the worst Smash Bros game. The only one I could not get into and I'm a huge Smash fan. Removing every good part from Brawl and replacing them with garbage just makes for a bad game. Thankfully Sakurai saw sense and made Ultimate to be more like how Smash Bros should be.


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Apr 6, 2011
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The new Phoenix Wright games for 3DS... particularly Dual Destinies!
My profile picture probably gives me away, but I definitely agree with you on the mainseries 3DS games (still have to experience DGS some day). Although I actually prefer Dual Destinies over Spirit of Justice, even if the former is arguably the more flawed of the two.

As far as other series are concerned, here's a few on the mind:

Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic Colors: I feel weird calling out Colors if only because the series has seen far worse game under its umbrella, yet for whatever reason I have enjoyed this game the least out of the games I played. Colors is not a bad game, but from the parts I have played, I felt as if I was playing on autopilot as if the game was too easy and/or playing itself. As a result, nothing felt particularly rewarding. I haven't finished the game, but perhaps a return to it would change my mind.

Star Fox - Star Fox Command: A part of me is torn, because I think Star Fox 2 could fit the bill as well as both games have very similar gameplay styles. 2 is arguably more clunky, but the experience is high-octane, short, and sweet; meaning that one could experience the game in shorter bursts while also experimenting with new styles of gameplay per each playable character. As a self-described Star Fox lore hound, I appreciate Command's attempts to continue the story even if its own narrative can get convoluted at times. The DS gamplay, while I got used to it, can get very repetitive and frustrating when one has to experience it through a longer story. Ultimately, I'll give 2 the benefit of the doubt due to its shorter nature.
Feb 7, 2014
Sonic: Labyrinth.
Pokemon: Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire, (Sword and Shield will no doubt claim this position)
Zelda: Skyward Sword
Metal Gear Solid V
Fallout 76
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

These are truly dark times...


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Jul 6, 2011
The Witcher: Haven't played a bad Witcher though I wouldn't like the Gwent game.

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures- Took this back the day after I got it. I thought it would be the next Wind Waker but it was a shoddy game designed for multiplayer

Halo: Halo 5- Killed my trust and interest in what I considered to be a great franchise up until that point. Although the designed for multiplayer gameplay was annoying, where Halo 5 really failed was the story. It completely undermined the big emotional moment from the previous game and immediately killed off a big character Halo 4 and Spartan Ops built up whilst expecting you to know what happened in between 4 and the start of 5 by having read the comics and books. I can't see Halo recovering from this massive blunder. What it did for Halo was 10x worse than what The Last Jedi did for star wars. I can see SW recover from the corner it has bee written into. Halo on the other hand... Nope.

Super Smash Bros: Reh4sh - I played this at my friend's house and decided not to buy myself after I found it to be basically an HD brawl with no story mode. The bit I really liked! I couldn't really tell the difference gameplay wise either. Ganondorf looked goofy and benevolent as **** too.
May 4, 2014
ThevLegend of Zelda-Skyward Sword. Bad controls that are forced on everything, constantly shoving useless info in your face, especially when picking up items, a useless companion, the stamina meter, a bland overworld, rehashing dungeons, the tears of light challenge.

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