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Ocarina of Time Wood Temple, Ice Temple, Light Temple or Wind Temple Whitch One Would You Bring Back

Ice,Light,Wind,Wood. Whitch of these lost dungeons would you bring back?

  • Ice temple!

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  • Wood temple :)

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  • Light temple ;)

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  • Wind temple :P

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Hero of Pie
Sep 20, 2011
I picked the Wind Temple, because that dungeon was fun, it was a little hard, you got the hookshot, and Molgera was awesome!

Ice Sage

these are words
Jul 25, 2011
Ice Temple
Wait... I'm confused... you talk like you've played the wind temple... oh! You're thinking of Wind Waker, this is an Ocarina of Time thread. I would bring back the Light Temple because I would love to see what they would have done for it.


Jun 22, 2011
Is the Wood Temple the one that supposedly was in the Lost Woods and had a giant skulltula as a boss? Because if so, that would be even creepier than the Shadow Temple or BotW. And those ideas were probably carried over in some form to MM to become the skulltula houses, right?

Anyway I went with the Light Temple because I felt like the Ice temple would most likely have forced you to fill and refill bottles with blue fire a lot (just a guess), and I didn't really like the wind portion of Ganon's Tower or the short wind elements present in the Shadow Temple. And they left the light medallion in the final version of the game anyway. I really wish for OOT3d that they would have designed a Light Dungeon as the first adult dungeon and just moved the hookshot from Dampe's grave to there. They could have fit it into the story so easily too: Shiek says "To be certain that you are truly the Hero of Time you must undergo a test. Enter the Light Temple, obtain the item within, and defeat the monster that Ganondorf unleashed upon the Sacred Realm." I mean seriously how hard could that have been to do.
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Resident Netizen
May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
Wood/Wind temple = Forest Temple
Ice Temple = Ice Cavern

We need a Light Temple for this game. Make it exactly like Twilight Princess, just for nostalgia purposes!


Princess of Hyrule
Sep 9, 2011
The Light Temple, yes. I think it would have been great to actually have gone through a temple to get the light medallion. Maybe while you were in the chamber of sages, you had to complete a test, which would actually have been the Light Temple?


Flirtatously Flirty
Aug 13, 2011
I'd prefer the Skulltula Temple. That was taken out of the game too if you don't remeber. Even though I hate spiders and i'm really scared of them (Ghoma doesn't help that) I would get freaked out by how epic the dungeon would be.
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Aug 2, 2010
Light Temple, although I would be fine with anyone
I would love to see the mini-boss battle in the Chamber of Sages!
Jun 25, 2011
I would have to say the Light Temple, only because I thought of the Deku Tree as the Wood Temple, The Ice Cavern would have been like the Ice Temple, and as for the Wind Temple, I didn't like it in Wind Waker, so I wouldn't want it back even in the most favorable of possibilities. :shake:

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