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Wizard101 Mafia Game Thread

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Heroine of Time

Rest in peace, Paris Caper...
Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.
Jamie has been modkilled since I was unable to find a replacement. Storm is replacing Doc.


Johnny Sooshi
was wandering around the Commons during the night, since he was having trouble sleeping. His wounds had been bothering him and he feared the worst. Every night, something had been attacking him, and the wounds burned for more damage every night. He hoped that by not being at the same place, he might be able to escape it.

Unfortunately, he was torn from his thoughts by an evil, high-pitched giggle. He turned to see a small creature with a bow taking aim at him. Johnny tensed up -- this was exactly what had happened the previous nights! It must have followed him. Johnny knew he could not take any more damage, and it was far too late to cast a spell. All he could do was brace himself as the creature let go of the arrow.

Nothing happened.

He looked up to see that a mysterious shield had appeared and blocked the attack! Johnny sighed in relief. Someone had saved him! Perhaps he would be alright tonight. He shakily turned around, planning on going back to his dorm for the night, but was immediately stopped as his two previous wounds started to burn, forcing him to collapse to the ground. He gasped in horror. How could he have forgotten about the burning!

He barely noticed as another shield appeared, absorbing away some of his pain. Unfortunately, the burning was far too strong. Johnny could only take another 300 damage.

Johnny Sooshi had no choice but to flee.

In the morning, the wizards found his spell deck and wand. Johnny Sooshi had been an Archmage Necromancer, a student of the Death school. His school made others suspect that he may be one of Malistaire's minions, but he had been chosen by Headmaster Ambrose just like the other wizards. His Empower spell allowed him to gain more pips at the cost of damaging himself, and, like most Death wizards, he could steal health from his opponents with the Steal Life spell.

Jamie was also killed during the night. He was an Archmage Thaumaturge, an Ice wizard. Though he dealt very little damage, he had incredibly high HP and could shield himself and others from attacks with Tower Shield.

Their numbers were getting thinner and thinner. The students all agreed that they needed to find Malistaire, and quickly.


  • None

The Living (9)
The Fled (8)
  • DekuNut - Transcendent Pyromancer (Lynched Day 2)
  • Doc - Grandmaster Sorcerer (Killed Night 2)
  • Pendio - Ash Spider (Lynched Day 3)
  • Eduarda - Vengeful Fireheart (Killed Night 3)
  • LittleGumball - Master Diviner (Killed Night 3)
  • Frozen Chosen - Exalted Diviner (Lynched Day 4)
  • Johnny Sooshi - Archmage Necromancer (Killed Night 4)
  • Jamie - Archmage Thaumaturge (Modkilled Night 4)

Day 5 will end on Sunday, September 4th at 9 PM PT. With 9 players alive, 5 is majority.

Every player has gained 1 pip for the day!

Wyldfire is still active! Fire spells deal 100 extra damage.


Version 1
Apr 6, 2011
The Turnabout
Assuming our claimees from yesterday are still telling the truth, I think we have a solid roundup of targets for today. This will however require some further study of the thread.


Ghost of The Roleplay Section
Sep 10, 2011
The List

1. Timeless (Who?)

2. Pendio-Ash Spider

3. Tristan

4. Jamie-Archmage Thaumaturge

5. Mido

6. Doc-GrandMaster Sorcerer

7. kokirion

8. Frozen Chosen-Exalted Diviner

9. Sadia

10. Johnny Sooshi-Archmage Necromancer

11. DekuNut-Transcendant Pyromancer

12. Dekunut (again)-

13. LittleGumball-Master Diviner

14. Libk

15. Eduarda-Vengeful Fireheart

16. Storm

17. Shroom

Cleaned up to remove the dead we got


due to the Game size we can suspect there are 4 scum in total and we already found 2 of them. so... let's try to figure out who the evil wizards are

now let's say I'm a mafia Veteran and I decide to host a game. I cant control who joins but when I have my circle complete, I can decide who is what in a number of ways. I could let RGN decide or hand pick my scum. and no matter what Heroine says, it can be either one. there is a 22% probability any one of us is scum right now and if I was a betting man I would put my cards on Tristan, now I know what you're going to say. I even predicted it

Tristan said:
You're just sore at me because of that whole debacle that happened in June

but I don't hold grudges for long, and I extend an apology towards him for my behavior in his game. I hope he finds it in his Slothy heart to forgive me... he probably won't though, but still. I do think Tristan is scummy as hell. more so than I often do.

this isn't set in stone. it's just a placeholder. not a lot of Votes happened, and the one time you guys hit scum, Tristan Voted, and most of you might be impartial towards him because of Certain inaliable coincidences that may or may not sway your vote one way or another. if this is wrong in any way, do not hesitate to spam @Johnny Sooshi 's inbox with Reports... those daily warnings make me feel loved



Ghost of The Roleplay Section
Sep 10, 2011
I said it was a placeholder. i'm sure youre vote on me is similar, correct? I mean not a lot of people are voting for lynches from what Isaw from reading the day and night scenes


Ghost of The Roleplay Section
Sep 10, 2011
I'm using Nayru, so my text is naturally white. I grey it so when I screw up the color for the identifying of either town role or scum role, and it won't let me return to no color, everyone can see it, but you probably have Lost woods, so it might not benefit you
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