Wishing For Something Bad To Happen

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  1. Jamie

    Jamie Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out...

    Have you ever wished for something bad to hapoen to you, not for self-harm purposes, but to see how others would react? For example, getting a (curable) strain of cancer to see how your friends and family react and to get that sweet sweet attention.

    I remember especially when I had very bad depression I'd often have thoughts like this and feel terrible about it afterwards. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac at times so I often construct scenarios in my head about it now, but it's rare for me to actually think about the scenario as an overall positive one.

    Have you ever had this experience?
  2. Oh god, no i havent and i dont think i've ever been so desperate for attention to construct a scenario like that in my head.

    As someone who was disowned by her family and nearly died not long ago being ill just reminds me of how few people are actually close to me to care about my health or help me through things... i dont want to go through that again and I cant really get it through my head why someone would entertain the thought of something so serious as being so ill just to evaluate the attention they'd get.

    Why dont you imagine yourself as a rockstar. Lots of attention there.
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  3. Jamie

    Jamie Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out...

    I would chalk up my current scenario constructing as a product of my OCD (intrusive thoughts, over analyzing situations, etc), as I don't actually wish for things to happen even for a second, but I think when I was depressed I occasionally thought about it more seriously, and usually felt quite bad afterwards.
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  4. Deus

    Deus Oink~

    I've never wished to get ill just to see how people might react or for attention. I wouldn't want to go through the hassle of actually being ill. Back when I was younger I sometimes fantasized about getting an injury so I could be off school and play video games all day.
  5. MW7


    I can't say I ever wished something bad would happen to me, but I can confirm that the reactions of people are very informative when you do become seriously ill (I'm fine now). You can easily tell who really cares about you and who doesn't think you're too important.
  6. Wombat Veteran

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    Not on myself, no.

    Have I wished bad things upon other people? All the time. While I don't verbalize it a lot, it's a way for me to cope with anger without letting it seep out (because that's healthy). Bottle up all that negativity inside and wait for it to burst ten years later in the form of a midlife crisis.
  7. Mr. Robato Domo

    Mr. Robato Domo Dmitri

    I've thought of what I would do if something bad were to happen to me but I've never wanted those things to actually happen. I would suggest a therapist or something if you are continuing to have these type of depressing thoughts. If bodily harm is merely a way to get attention, I would definetly get help.
  8. Jamie

    Jamie Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out...

    What? You clearly didn't read the OP at all.
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  9. Mr. Robato Domo

    Mr. Robato Domo Dmitri

    Sorry, I was unclear, I meant this as a general warning type thing. ;)
  10. Beauts

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    I think that kind of thought is pretty common during bouts of serious depression to some degree. I mean obviously there is no single set of symptoms for every single depressed person but if a large part of your depression stems from low self-esteem, loneliness or isolation then it makes sense why those thoughts would cross someones mind. Any attention can seem like good attention when you don't get any or you feel nobody cares.

    However, under normal circumstances, I never wish bad things to happen to myself. I don't even really do it when I'm depressed, beyond imagining how other people would react, I wouldn't actually want anything to happen to me.
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  11. No I have not. However @Jamie I do hope thoughts never come back. The people who actually care about you will not need you to have some issue, to care for you. They care for you right now. Those are the only people worth having around in my opinion. Those who only care sometimes are not as worthy of your time as thosre who always care for you.
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  12. I've thought about the idea. Like if I was really truly sick, would anyone care? I havnt wished it upon myself though. I might have said or thought something impulsive but that's about it.
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