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Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Thareous said:
I can't help but wonder, though, if Windows 8 will be on a laptop or tablet. Probably something more of a tablet since it's touchscreen.

Windows 8 will be on all the interfaces you'd expect and certainly not limited to those. Of course, it will find its way to desktops and smartphones as well.

mandym287 said:
That being said, I'm still using Windows XP and am overall very pleased with it.

A product of an era with exceptional albeit peculiar tech longevity.

mandym287 said:
So, hopefully Microsoft would break that pattern with Windows 8.

Indeed. I'd argue the pattern was broken once before by Windows 98 and 2000 although my Internet in that bygone age prevented me from making a fair assessment of those operating system.
Dec 23, 2011
Metro was pretty cumbersome for me to use on a large monitor on the desktop. And due to the "secure" boot issue on ARM tablets, I can't really say I'm a supporter there either.
Feb 6, 2012
No, just no.... Windows 8 sucks. (Personally, I'm not a Windows fan at all [and don't mistake me as a Mac fan, because that would also be a false accusation])
I've tried Windows 8 out, and it seems like MS is making it another Vista... I mean really, getting rid of the Start Orb/Menu... And making it so you cannot disable Metro and just use the desktop? That's a very low move for MS... If they don't give those options back, then the product will likely be a huge failure in terms of selling.
If I HAD to use Windows, I'd rather use Windows 7.

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