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Wind Waker - Saving on WII

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Feb 22, 2011
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i bought wind waker for gamecube, and i used it in my wii, i got to Valoo's Mountain, and i couldnt save, even with my sd card in. i had to shut the system down so my sister could play wii. i just went on wind waker today to check it out, and it said, "there is no memory card inserted in slot A, would you like to continue anyways". i continued and it said: Quest 1: New Game
Quest 2: New Game
Quest 3: New Game
It didnt save ANYTHING! now i have to restart, but HOW DO I SAVE?



Jan 31, 2010
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Gamecube games WILL NOT save to the Wii memory or standard SD cards like Wii games will.

You need a device known as a Memory Card in order to save your data. There is a hidden panel next to the Gamecube controller ports, that will reveal two Memory Card slots when opened. You need to buy one of these, and insert it into one of them.


Good luck with Wind Waker, friend! :)
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