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General Modern Will They Ever Re-use the Concept of the Dominion Rod?


The Unknown
Jun 18, 2011
It's been a couple of days since I last made a thread, so here it goes. The concept of controlling things was already made in Wind Waker(I forgot when it ACTUALLY started though). Then they carried it on to TP in the form of the Dominion Rod. I sorta enjoyed the Dominion Rod's effect, although it was rarely used. Would it be cool if Nintendo re-uses the Dominion Rod? I mean, it'll be sweet if it was also a combat weapon than just a puzzle-solving one. Honestly the Dominion Rod was a pretty nice addition, so I hope they will use it again.


~Insert Epicness Here~
May 15, 2010
Wherever I want to be
I had a theory about the dominion rod... what if it's Navi's spirit? Seeing as she DID leave through that window in OOT... maybe you possess a statue with her spirit and it FOLLOWS YOU AROUND LIKE AN ANNOYING FAIRY THAT I WILL NOT NAME...cough cough navi cough cough.

I'd like to see it expanded, maybe some more explanation on it's background...
Aug 29, 2011
Portland, OR
I could see them implementing something similar somewhere down the line, though I don't think the Dominion Rod has as much staying power as the majority of the 'main' items. It would be cool for them to expand on the idea and create new, unique puzzle situations. :D

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