Hyrule Warriors Will HW become 'canon' one day?

Discussion in 'World of Zelda' started by Jarvio, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Jarvio


    Do you think Nintendo will make HW an 'official' or 'canon' part of the Zelda series one day?

    Or is this very unlikely?
  2. Spirit

    Spirit Half electronic

    I dont think its likely.

    I think theres more of a chance of the entire Zelda canon rebooting than having HW becone part of the main series.
  3. Jarvio


    I really dislike HW, so I don't miss it not being part of the main series. However, I'm still a little confused as to why it's not there. Four Swords is there and that was originally just a bonus game for the ALTTP gba remake. It's always felt like an oddity to me.
  4. Djinn

    Djinn and Tonic Staff Member Administrator

    No more than Tetra's Trackers or Link;s Crossbow Training. Those are side games with zeri bearing on the main series.
  5. Vanessa28

    Vanessa28 Angel of Darkness Staff Member Moderator

    I don't think it's going to happen. Even though I personally think HW has a very interesting story behind it. I would love to see it become a part of the official timeline but that's never ever going to happen. To be honest ity would be very confusing because where would they even put it? But it has become my fav zelda game to play (yes even as a spinoff).
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  6. VitaTempusN92

    VitaTempusN92 Hero of Time! The True Zelda Genius!

    I hope it does become canon cause it definitely has earned the potential! Also, rebooting the canon without upsetting many timeline and lore passionate fans is highly unlikely.

    Rebooting the canon would be mean all the other games, current timeline, and lore, don't count or even matter anymore. Not to mention there is way too much lore for a reboot.

    It worked with Devil May Cry since that is a much smaller franchise with not much lore.
  7. Jamie

    Jamie Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out...

    There is no chance that HW will become canon. How could every single Zelda character all exist at the same time?
  8. Spirit

    Spirit Half electronic

    Its already totally canon, everone in botw is wearing blue scarves... the trend caught on after HW Linm saved hyrule, everyone in btw started wearing them, like how in Wind Waker young kids get tunics to wear for their birthdays.
  9. Vanessa28

    Vanessa28 Angel of Darkness Staff Member Moderator

    Cia used the gate of souls to travel to time and recruit the villains of that specific time. Because of this, the characters were able to exist all at the same time. After the events were over, Lana returned them back to their own time. The thing that would be a bit more tough is the Zant situation. Because he was already dead after Midna got her true form back. And Cia turned Midna back into an Imp in HW. Unless of course, Cia revived Zant soon after this. But then Zant wouldn't have struggled againt her I guess.