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Breath of the Wild Wii U version or Switch version

Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
I was always going to pick up the next Nintendo home console no matter what (I enjoyed my Wii U for many hours, I don't feel like I wasted money on it and I'm ultimately happy with my purchase of it), so there wasn't much of a question which version I'd get. The same would have been for any series, not just Zelda.

Although I do have a personal reason for wanting the Switch version of BotW specifically. I really want this game to be the one that brings me back, that convinces me that I'm still actually a Zelda game. I'm going to make sure it's at full-power and the best it can be, that way if I don't like it, there's no excuses to fall back on.


Your Best Friend (rupee free)
Jan 20, 2017
So I
pre-orderd Breath of the Wild for wii U last year on Amazon and only had to pay $45.
Then I got a gift card from my work for Amazon for $50 (for not taking Sick Leave) and used that to get a guidebook and buy the DLC.
No amiibo though. Yet. Guardian and Zelda amibo seem cool.

SO in all I spent $45 for Game, Guidebook, and DLC.

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