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Breath of the Wild Wii U Art Style


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Oct 28, 2012
Ehhh I disagree. That article not only had false expectations of the Wii U's power (as seen by the picture) but the style shown isn't a Wind Waker style. It's Wind Waker's world using a different graphical style. In terms of business and quality, there's simply no reason to use tWW's style.

I personally would love to see TP's style most of all, but I think they would gain the most success using OoT 3DS style. It's quite similar to TP's style, works in HD, and offers the "colorfulness" that some fans want. It's probably not a fan favorite, but it's also the one graphical style I don't expect anyone to really complain about either. It should, at least, please the majority of fans, although there are some parts of it that could use touching up on.


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Jan 16, 2013
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What game is this anyway?

This art style looks like Twighlight Princess. Wind Waker was a poorly animated cartoon. Wind Waker in HD would look just like New Super Mario Bros. U. It wouldn't be that impressive anyway. A real dark zelda light Twightlight Princess or the Spaceworld 2000 demo is what we need. Something more appealing to older kids than Skyward Sword. I felt turned off by the childish Ghirahim and some of the other characters.


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Mar 13, 2012
I think you guys are right, although it still looks nice. It's a really High Definition look but it's still colorful and "Zelda-y"


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Jul 6, 2011
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A remake of WW could look like that but I would like the new and original Zelda U title to utilise less toony proportions. In TP, SS and the tech demo link looks a certain way. I think that is now his defining look for the console Zelda games. I'm not saying there should be no variation in his age hair style and his proportions to some extent but I don't want to see toon link again with his bulbous head and gigantic eyes.

I'd like to see a detailed and visually stunning art style. Take a look at halo 4, Darksiders 2. Their art styles are highly detailed and beautiful without going overboard with photorealism. That's the kind of thing I'd like to see.


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Dec 12, 2010
This is what I want










Jul 1, 2012
Dukusword pretty much explained what I was going to say in pictures :)

I would love to see realistic HD graphics in the next Zelda installment, I know this sounds a bit of a cliche veiw but I loved Twilight Princess style of graphics it made the game feel more real for me, like I could releate to the strory and what was going on! It also made for some pretty epic cut-scenes as well as epic lookint provinces such as Zorma Domain, lake Hylia ect. it also made for some pretty epic looking bosses which really gave the fear factor that Zelda bosses should all have.

If we get HD realistic graphics it will just give for great design and scenes with the game, Nintendo would be falls not tomtake a shot at this with the capabilities of the Wii U now being able to support such technical capabilities!


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May 26, 2010
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Ew, tech demo is still too grey and brown for Zelda. Trust me, this is what you want.

Not at all. I'd much prefer if we got the style of the tech demo; after all that's only one area we've seen in the entire game. Who's to say the lighting and colors don't get more vibrant as you leave dungeons/castles/enchantedforests?

And who knows? Maybe Hyrule Field may look like your picture you got there. ;)


Jan 10, 2011
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Back to the main topic, I don't agree that The Wind Waker's art style should be used for Zelda Wii U (I think something like this should be, but those images are freaking gorgeous.

Not at all. I'd much prefer if we got the style of the tech demo; after all that's only one area we've seen in the entire game. Who's to say the lighting and colors don't get more vibrant as you leave dungeons/castles/enchantedforests?

And who knows? Maybe Hyrule Field may look like your picture you got there. ;)

Because the textures on Link are dark and dull. It has nothing to do with the lighting.
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Aug 25, 2012
Indiana, USA
As seems to be a common thought, I'd prefer Zelda Wii U try more realistic graphics. Think about it: the last Zelda game to do that (not counting OoT 3D) was Twilight Princess, which was somewhat lambasted because of poor color choice. The last "realistic" game before that was Majora's Mask, way back on the Nintendo 64. Translation: we haven't had a "realistic" Zelda game that didn't stir up controversy for the last twelve years or so. Zelda Wii U could be the chance to implement such graphics with much better reception, and the HD would bring that out all the better.

Honestly, I do want to see the graphical styles of The Wind Waker and Skyward Sword return at some point, because they were beautiful in their own rights and contributed to their respective games' charm. But after a constant bombardment of "different" graphical takes, I'd prefer we get back to realistic graphics if ever so briefly. It would probably help contribute to Nintendo's back-to-basics mindset as well.

My further preference is photo-realistic graphics the likes of Final Fantasy Versus XIII - incredibly detailed and beautiful, but not fully realistic, either. I wouldn't mind fully realistic graphics all that much, the more I think about it, as technology has risen to a level where it no longer looks stilted or goofy in any form.

To help visualize my ideal Zelda Wii U graphics, here's a Final Fantasy Versus XIII video.

We were actually discussing this in the ZD Wiki chat on Skype yesterday.

I see four options for Nintendo's upcoming installment:

1. More realistic graphics-Ninty runs with the tech demo look.
2. HD Cel-shading-TWWHD is foreshadowing
3. SS HD graphics-Devs were fond of the style and decided to reuse it
4. Something completely original

The first and third options are most likely. As much as I appreciated Skyward Sword's impressionism, I'd like for Nintendo to focus on detail with Zelda Wi U showcasing the power of its new hardware. Photorealistic graphics aren't necessary but an aesthetic in tune with Ocarina of Time-Majora's Mask-Twilight Princess would be appreciated. Other than cel-shading, this appears to be the most used artstyle for modern Zelda and I interpret TWWHD as both a successful experiment, a necessary remake, and a precaution to appease those who aren't fond of Twilight Princess's display.
Apr 10, 2012
Honestly I don't want the tech demo graphics like artystyle, the artstyle imo was too bland and didn't really add much depth or darkness to the game itself. I really want them to bring back the oot/MM artstyle.
Apr 6, 2011
If the Twilight Princess art style is akin to The Lord of the Rings, then the Zelda Wii U art style should be like the Hobbit, a balance of both high fantasy and whimsical fairy tale with a variety of colors and characters. The Twilight Princess has a serious, dark, and epic tone, but the comical characters like the clowns at Lake Hylia feels out of place considering the situation of Hryule. But like I said before, I don't really care what art style the new Zelda game should have as long as it has the essence of adventure. It's that core essence that makes Zelda games fun to play in the first place.

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