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Why You Like Your Avatar


What's Life Without Adult Humor?
Jan 13, 2012
I like mine, because Jalorda is my favorite of the newest starters. :3
and because when I made it, it just came together so nicely ^^


Saranghaeyo Kevin Woo!
Jan 21, 2012
Seoul, South Korea
I like my avatar because it's Ghirahim, who WOULDN'T like it? Ghirahim's so flossy, sexy, clever, flamboyant, and devious. He even knew that his master would be alive in the past. He didnt even have to think for a second! Clever i tell ya ;) :kawaii: if they took Ghirahim away forever, i'd die. :kawaii: Favorite zelda boss too! He beat vaati on my list <3
Aug 25, 2011
its funny how most peoples AVs have changed so the descriptions on most doesnt match anymore. Anyway I like mine because its Link and he is RAGING.

Lord Vain

Dawn of a New Day
Nov 29, 2011
I like mine because it’s a realistic image of the Deva Path…..also, some people consider it creepy so….I think I’ll keep it for a while….if not forever.


shoegaze girl
Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
Well, I absolutely love my avatar, because… well… there's actually a funny story behind it.
Well, my friend Jakob and I were making a graphical hack of Link's awakening (trying to mess it up as badly as we could), and we had both made it look pretty awful. Well, he made a face, and he messed up on it. My avatar was the product. We copy/pasted that tile over several other tiles in the 'tile map', so now the entire game is tainted in some way by the awful recurring face.
It's also the Clique of Morons logo, but I'm too lazy to explain what the Clique of Morons is. Of you really want to know, just ask me or something.

And there's my unnessecarily complicated explanation of my avatar.


The local treehugger
Sep 23, 2011
I like mine because it was a walk cycle of one of my OC's I made ^^ A remake of an old one anyway.

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