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Why Were Playstation 1 and 2 So Popular?

Oh I agree with everthing you said here. Yet still i still keeping my hopes up that the Wii U will have a decent amount of power, and that a nintendo port will be less expensive. Why you ask? Because I never thought that games like Ninja Gaiden and Assassins Creed would come to a Nintendo console. I'm also suprised that Street Fighter 4, DOA Dimensions, Tekken made it to the 3DS. Its at least a good start, and i just hope nintendo would invest more into third parties.

But if you ask me, i think that a Wii port was not only expensive because of the lack of power, but also because of the remote gimmick. Many games were "forced" with motion controls, which isn't really neccecary. Only a few games works good with motion controls. Take Activision for example, with their lousy port of Tony Hawk and Spiderman games. They did not even bother to make it compatible with classic controls.
My guess is why Nintendo chose for a tablet this time, is because they saw more potential in the DS and 3DS. I'm just happy that they return to the classic button layout, and not forcing every game with the Motion contols.

Don't forget Metal Gear and Resident Evil as well. And "purer" installments at that, not spin offs.

I kinda suspected that but just making sure. Now on topic, the GC has a lot of cool things about it. The GC has wireless controllers, the GameBoy player where you can play GB,GBC and GBA games on your T.V screen. Sure the PS Vita is able to play PS3 games, but a problem with the Vita is that its too expensive. $250 for the system and $120 for the 32 gigabyte memory card. There are less powerful memory cards, but it sucks you have to pay so much extra money for a memory card.

Yes, the proprietary memory cards will be Vita's demise. The system is already struggling in its first few weeks in Japan.


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Dec 31, 2011
I'm not trying to cause any trouble so please listen. I do agree that a lot of "old" games do cost a lot of money(I swear they are selling Pokemon R/S for $40), but I believe the collection's edition is rare. I can't find it in stores and if it freezes then its GameStop's fault or whatever store its in. People usually trade in their games and even if the game is a complete mess. Gamestop will take anyways so that they can sell it for a higher price. With the second analog, there are games that require the second circle pad like RE Rev. Plus there are people who are left handed and they need to play games like Kid Icarus Uprising. Again, Nintendo should've added in a second analog to begin with, but the same thing can go with XBox Live. Why do I have to pay $60 to play games online? Face it, everybody rips you off in life.

I don't agree with Xbox Live because I love it! Also The collector's edition Majora's Mask will freeze no matter the condition for some reason. Everyone agrees with that, but Sony makes me mad on this one and this is a doozy. If a game is coming out for both 360 and PS3, Sony will just port it!!! However Nintendo just bugs me on the pricing, they say they're the cheapest system but they never mark down their games or accessories it really pisses me off.


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Jan 25, 2010
PS1 was something new and had many games coming to it that looked interesting that weren't going to the N64. The PS2 had the fanbase already, and introduced a lot of people to DVD technology. Hard to believe only 12 years ago we were all still watching VHS tapes. And again it kept having the games that gamers wanted. Yes Mario and Zelda move a lot of units but it doesn't have the staying power if the third party games are not all that great and the good ones are few and far between. On a personal note on these sytems it went like this for me. I grew up with NES and a Genesis. My aunt had the SNES. I loved the N64 and it was always my choice for games, until I went to foster care then I found and fell in love with PS1. I still loved the N64 but the PS1 had so many great games I could not get elsewhere. When it came to PS2 it was my system of choice. Of course I got a GCN for Mario and Zelda but I always went back to PS2. In this gen I have to go with the 360. It does things I want for gaming and has a service I like.I love my Wii (For Mario and Zelda) and I occasionally enjoy my PS3.

All in all I think it has always been about what your friends have that makes most of the decisions for you. Makes it easier to play games together or even borrow some from one another. No matter what the time was. N64/PS1 or even PS2/Xbox/GCN. you went with what your friends have, or at least I did, and most of my friends have to.

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