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Twilight Princess Why Was Link Captured As a Wolf? Why Was Ordon Even Raided?


Sage of Tales
I have a very dark explanation, myself.

Bulbins are a tribe of beings that cause havoc for humans, they are also under orders by the dark lord of "the strongest side" to go cause mayhem... I wonder if their "let's kidnap the kids" idea wasn't mere mayhem, but perhaps a part of their stock and trade? In my mind, I see the bulbins as possible slavers.

Ordon might not even be the only village they've done that to in the past, either, but while they were under orders, they got while the getting was good. They took up the kids with it in mind to sell them to wicked people who were going to use them for heavy labor or...other...nastier...more perverted things. I'm not sure bulbins would have much use for human children (besides possibly food???) but, who says all humans in Hyrule are good people? I'm sure bulbins would make brisk business selling to merchant slavers and depraved individuals.

They knocked Link out and left him for dead at the spring because he was "too old, too strong, too feisty" and they knew he wouldn't be made a slave/would free the others. The other children were young and soft enough, but Link had the carriage of a warrior, even if he wasn't a warrior yet at this point.

And when Link went after the kids, the Twilight Messenger tried to kill him/to turn him into one of their own because *he was a human and was THERE.* No other reason. He turned into a wolf by accident because of the fragment of the Triforce in him. "You are a wolf" was Triforce of Courage's way of doing something for him.

The bulbins let off their cargo of kids when things got too hairy for them. Something happened on the road that made them feel they needed to ditch most of their profits to save their lives. We do not know what - lack of food supplies, pursuit by monsters/predators, perhaps the Twilight Messengers that were supposed to be on their side were a little too chaotic... They left the kids for dead and went on their way holding the one kidnap victim they thought they could still carry and still sell somewhere. That didn't quite work out for them either and Illia escaped/found and was defended by Impaz or whatever.

As for locking Wolf Link in a dungeon instead of just killing him and taking that pretty pelt of his, the Twilight Messengers probably didn't know what to do with him after the light from the Triforce shot out. They probably feared him / thought he was too powerful to kill right away. "Better keep him until Lord Zant comes" - that kind of a situation.


Or it could all just be random chaos caused by monsters that Nintendo didn't really think too much to plot out, but personally, my head-plot, "head-canon" has to do with the underground Hyrulean slave-trade and bulbins being major traffickers always looking for a quick profit, but being ultimately about saving their own skins.


Feb 27, 2012
The bublins were likely sent ahead as scouts, to survey the area and make sure that there would be no resistance in taking the light of the region. After it was clear, King Bulblin summoned the shadow beasts (Or at least the portal) with his horn.

As for taking the children and attacking the village:

1. It may have been the first in a series of attacks (in which Link intervened early into the second).

2. It's what they do, they plunder; they're marauders by nature. Ganondorf may be a potent threat, but that doesn't necessarily mean that his forces are disciplined.

3. They may have decided that the children were extra weight while traveling and simply left them to die.

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