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Why The Silent Princess Symbolises EVERYTHING in BOTW.


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Aug 2, 2016
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As we've seen in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, the Silent Princess is a flower in the game which is supposedly rare and endangered. This flower can be seen on the original cover of BOTW and found within the game in a memory with Princess Zelda and this flower can be found near places such as the Fairy Fountain in Kakriko Village. Since the flower is on the logo of the game, it must mean that the Silent Princess is very important in the game. But, what makes this flower so important to be on the logo of the actual game when it doesn't show up a lot in the story line?

In the game, the Silent Princess can only be found in various places, usually ones that have a lot of nature around and since they are rare and endangered, they obviously wouldn't show up in the game a lot. But, once you've defeated Ganon, a cut scene will show and at the very end, you see millions of Silent Princess flowers, simply growing in the grass, not near any wood life or forests, but in Hyrule Field. Maybe it was Ganon's power causing them to die out? But, on with the actual theory about the Silent Princess, throughout time, people have been giving flowers various types of symbolism, It's called "The Language of Flowers" and is big in China and Japan. Even the creator of Pokemon has used flowers to symbolise things, such as in the Anime, surround by the mothers house are flowers that represent motherhood. Even some of the characters are named or themed after flowers, which match up with their personality. But, back to the Silent Princess, the flower does not directly exist but the closest flower to the Silent Princess is the flower called Tulipa Humilis Alba Coerulea Oculata or for short, the Wild Blue Heart Tulip. White and blue colours in a flower is extremely rare, so its definite these flowers are the closest to the Silent Princess. The Wild Blue Heart Tulip symbolises this: The blue represents trust and a calm blissful peace, whereas white represents purity, innocence, hope, rebirth and renewal. What's interesting is that Zelda says all they can do is hope Silent Princess flowers will come back. White is also a symbol of purity, in a memory, Zelda dresses up in all white, hoping she'll talk to the Goddess as it was one of their last hopes to stop Ganon - but she fails. White is also a symbol of rebirth/renewal, and at the start of the game, Link is resurrected, "reborn", given a chance on a new beginning, at white lilly's symbolise.

We can't forget that Link and Zelda both wear blue as apposed to most incarnations of them. Zelda had faith that Link would be reborn to bring peace. Nintendo added many aspects and got inspiration from the very first Zelda so people could feel like their playing the first Zelda but in modern time. That is exactly what they did. It's a new beginning, a breath of fresh air, a breath of the wild. As what this flower suggests. What do you think?

Theory credits to Lockstin & Gnoggin


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Feb 18, 2010
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I contradict most theories because sometimes the game murders the theories wholesale aside from what i think is told ingame your theory COULD be correct which is more than i normally say for theories.


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Apr 10, 2017
I always thought the Silent Princess was just a simple representation of either Link, Zelda, or all of Hyrule.

Good work, very well supported!


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Dec 9, 2019
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I think it shows (the field of silent princesses) the return of hope and light of the princess, such as Malice being the corruptness of Gano.

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