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Why Skyward Sword was better than Twilight Princess


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Oct 28, 2012
I would have liked the Silent Realms a LOT more if I had done them near the beginning of the game, not the end, and if they had more of a purpose to the narrative. I thought the Twilight Realms were good for story narration and helped players familiarize themselves with the world. It let you explore the world while keeping you engaged and not forcing you to get lost. This is how exploration should be handled in a series of objectives like Zelda and I hope this is how its handled in Zelda U.

Silent Realms were hit and miss for me. It's certainly more fun than the Forsaken Fortress or Eldin stealth section, but I still prefer using some combat in the stealth sections and sometimes the waiting could get boring. It wasn't really helpful either because at this point I was already familiar with the overworld. It would have been nice if these had more lore to them too. "Testing the hero" thing doesn't really fly with me...isn't that what the dungeons are for? I mean with the huge time limit and stuff we have with the imprisoned, isn't this a bad time to be meandering around? It would have been interesting if we saw past Hyrule in the silent realms and maybe learned more about its creation.
Feb 13, 2015
For me I think SS wins mainly on enemies and overworld design. TP's overworld looks great, the music and mood is great and it's cozy, but in SS they're just so much more denesly designed, there are materials to gather, (more) bugs to catch, and entire quests that takes place in the overworlds. The overworlds will also change as you progress, which breaks up the pace. Like how you return to Faron forest and it's suddenly all water-y. I really loved that segment with the ambient music and the sun shining through the leaves and the water.

Another strong suit for SS compared to TP are the enemies. They are much more active, they block, they counter, they lunge at you, while in TP it feels like most of them are just moseying around while trying to hit you with their obvious-ass attack without blocking or defending at all. Just compare the lizard enemies. In SS they are pretty gruesome with the gauntlet block, fire breath and tail spin counter, while in TP all you have to do is rush them and hit them with the 1-2-3-4 before they can hit you.

I do love the mood in TP though. It's great.
Aug 28, 2015
Skyloft could have had more places to explore
Skyloft is the biggest starting area in the series by far, and it has almost as much to do as Clock Town. As long as a starting area isn't as dull as Kokiri Forest or Ordon Village, I'm fine. But Skyloft was huge!

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