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Why is Skyward Sword So Awesome?


Keyblade Master
Jul 31, 2012
Skyward Sword was the only reason I traded my 360 for a Wii, now I feel so...depressed..

Well not as much as I was, but it still saddens me once I think about it, I think I'll go get some support from a friend..who happens to be a girl, I need it right now since you made me think of my 360 :/


Cucco Butt
Jun 5, 2012
You could have put more to this thread. Skyward Sword is a great game, but this thread has almost nothing to it. Anyway, I really love Skyward Sword!
Its so fun, that I could just keep playing it and playing it and playing it.
Mar 10, 2012
In the Sky
Because it has...
-a rich backgroundstory
-interesting NPCs
-great sidequests
-superb music
-Wii motionplus support
-the fabulous Ghirahim
-an improved weapon/item/potion upgrade system
-amazing bosses
-the much loved Silent Realms :devil:

You see: SS is the best Zelda game - at least IMO :)


*~German Sparkle Party~*
Aug 28, 2012
Pff. Wow, my reasoning to like SS was totally OUT OF IT compared to all these amazing reasons... Wow.
I thought it had some cute guys.
Nov 2, 2012
Hehe, it was rather distracting. But I thought the final battle was a pretty fun ride. Most complain of Demise' ease but I actually had a hard time with him. Probably because I'm the type of gamer who likes to make things as realistic as possible. Hence things like exploitation and looping are out of bounds for me. At least on the first run.

I liked the final battle location, It felt as if it were trying to be a reference to Majora's Mask when you get into the moon and its just a meadow. I did like the whole lightning fighting aspect of the fight too. Just scream Hadouken when you do it.
Feb 14, 2012
Yeah, ss is an awesome game, maybe not the video game I've had the most fun playing, but it's definetely up there :) And I now how you feel, waiting and waiting, but hey, now one year has passed since ss, so now it's not as long as there has been :)

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