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Why Does SS Have Robots?

Jan 8, 2012
I don't have the game but I'm watching a lot of reviews and I want to know, if SS is the first Zelda then why do they have robotic enemies and things like that?

OOT comes after SS and is fair to say it's "Mid-evily" so this really makes no sense to me.


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Sep 7, 2011
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Apparently, the desert used to have lots of technology. It possesses a whole race of robots. My theory is that they used to serve the Hylians in a similar way Scrapper works for Gondo, a Skyloftian who helps upgrade items. They were probably a gift from the dragon Lanayru, who provided them with energy and names. Once the Hylians were brought into the sky, the robots who were left down there were free to do whatever they wished with the exception of Scrapper who was brought up by one of Gondo's ancestors. They had all lost energy, so that's why they aren't in OoT. The robotic enemies were probably put up for defensive measures of both the dark tribe and the robots.
There's always that cycle that seems to repeat in Zelda where technology exists and an event occurs triggering a chain reaction and wiping out that intelligence. But really, desert areas in Zelda have always had strange technologies-just take a look at Gerudo Desert in Twilight Princess.
Jan 8, 2012
like I said, I haven't played SS so idk what any of you are saying, it's just seems silly to me.

Never thought I'd see a robot in a zelda game.

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I think that Hyrule used to be very advanced before the time of SS but then after the War that took place right before OoT it destroyed all the technology

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Jul 12, 2011
It was an odd twist to the game. It seems that in the past Lanayru used to be full of technology and talking robots who have children however that works. But something happened. It might be because of pollution, I say this because if you read a sign in the ancient cache it says "Plants are dieing out! Help make Lanyru clean. At first I was just confuesed. "What the heck! Why are there robots in Skyward Sword! Did I pick up the wrong game" Soon I learned to accept it and move on. But as I keep playing I would preferred more magical and middle-ages feel and less Sci-Fi.


Jan 10, 2011
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Perhaps it's Nintendo telling us that the Zelda series is actually set well in the future...

I'd say not. The series is just becoming less based on Medieval times. It used to be pretty much exactly like that point in time, but it's strayed from being strictly set in it technology-wise. The basic premise still has Medieval roots, but it's also mixed with a slight amount of modern things to make a true fantasy world that could never have hope of existing in real life.
Jul 22, 2011
Because the series doesn't rely on staying to the Medieval theme and branches out into characters/gameplay ideas that are creative, the advancement of the technology has little to no bearing on the time period the games take place in.

That, and it also fits with the backstory of the Lanayru Desert where it was once a highly technologically advanced area, but is now a wasteland.


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Lost technology.

I keep saying that the further back into Hyrule's history you go, the more advanced the technology. In fact, the world may be in what we might call a steady technological decline. Perhaps, as people discover more and more magic, that is what they rely upon more. Or, it could be like someone else said, something that runs in cycles.

(Refrains from own fanfictiony crack-theory of Hyrule having once been a planet under terraforming by space colonists that fell into a technolgical decline and forgetfuless). Okay, I guess I didn't refrain - still, I know the crack idea isn't canon. Yet.


The robots are pretty cool (except when they do a Scrapper). Besides I always thought beamos made more sense as robots. And koloktos is technically a robot and it is beast. And without robots how would the beetle be possible? (It is also a robot. )
Aug 25, 2011
In the real world they found all the ingredients for an ancient battery... why they needed a battery back then is unknown but theorized for use in electroplating. .. but they had it... Its a common mistake to believe just because people lived in ancient times they couldn't have very modern ideas.... There are probably a lot of things invented in the ancient world that have been lost to us in time...

Hyrule is no different.. there are civilizations that have come and gone.. some lost forever and some yet to be discovered... obviously these bots are ones that got discovered.... I personally welcome their addition it makes my imagination go in all sorts of interesting directions.

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