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Twilight Princess Why Does Link Live in Ordona?!



Old post, I know, but I'm posting this answer here in case anyone still monitors this...the Zelda timelines are not together, they are separate. Ocarina of Time was the beginning of it all. When he drew the Master Sword, this created three different timelines. The first is where Ganon defeats Link, leading to Link to the Past. The second is where Link returns to being a child after defeating Ganon, and thusly leads to Majora's Mask, where yes, he probably moved on from Hyrule. In fact, Lost Woods is also used in Majora's Mask, indicating that the lands are linked. This timeline also leads to The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks, each in chronological order, although each Link is a different incarnation of another, so I assume that the theory of re-incarnation is used in the Zelda Series. The third timeline is that Zelda lets him stay as an adult which leads to The Twilight Princess. Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess both contain Links of the same incarnation as Ocarina of Time, just different timelines.

So why didn't he stay in Hyrule in both? Probably because he felt he had no remaining purpose there and fate let him on somewhere else to do more evil fighting. Also, I don't see Link marrying Malon. I saw him marrying Saria, who unfortunately became the Forest Sage to him. Their deep friendship was made obviously very close in two encounters. The first when he left the Forest for the first time and the second when you head to the Forest Temple. Malon was more of an acquaintance, not a friend.
Jun 2, 2012
WE don't know who Link's parents are so we can't really make up any good reason, but if we go by a theory like after MM Link went off and married Malon and they had a kid and so on and so forth (which I believe) they became ranchers and Ordon was just where he lived. If that's the case, that's just where he LIVES and not his origin. He could've also been taken in by another family, leading back to Ordon just being where he lives and not being his origins.


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Jun 15, 2010
(Isn't this topic 2 years old?...)

There is no confirmed reason why Link lives in Ordon. So basically, all of this is, at best, just theorizing. He's a Hylian among humans; that's really the only piece of evidence we have that implies that he doesn't belong/didn't belong at one point/came from somewhere else/ect.

Also: "Human" is used as an umbrella term in Hyrule. "Ordonian" is a nationality, not an ethnicity, just as "Hyrulian" or "Hyrulean" is a nationality. Hylians existed before humans. Humans did not appear until later in the timeline when the Hylian bloodlines began to thin.

Nintendo probably used the term "Change into human" when prompting Midna because it was easier to understand, and it gets the point across.

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