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Why Do You Play Video Games?

They're fun, they're interactive and tell stories in ways that movies and other entertainment mediums can't. They're also solo or group activities and theyre all very colourful and when theyre good theyre very very good, life changing in fact. Theyre definitely the strongest medium =]

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My reasons are pretty conventional. Simply put, they're a lot of fun. It's always interesting for me to play them, and it's like an escape from reality. When I'm stressed, playing video games is a great outlet for me. I just let myself get lost in the game, and my stress usually dissolves away. I also like to admire the hard work the developers put into the game while I play. I like try and figure out how a certain aspect of the game was designed, just out of sheer curiosity. It's also interesting to see the kind of things people can come up with. The creativity of some games just amazes me, whether it'd be aspects of gameplay or the story of the game itself. I usually find myself thinking about those things, and I start feeling a great sense of admiration welling up inside me. Not just admiration, but inspiration too. I also like to play video games because they're great spark for imagination. A lot of games, especially Legend of Zelda games, are a big source of inspiration for me.


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Jul 12, 2010
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The primary reason I play video games is because they are fun.

The secondary reason is that they inspire me and give me ideas to become the game designer/developer that I aspire to become in the future.


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Jun 18, 2011
Same reason I read and watch TV-shows. It's entertainment, escapism and it allows me to experience things that I otherwise won't get to do in life. The types of games I play are mostly adventure type games with a given storyline. Sometimes I mix it up with a little bit more braindead entertainment, like fighting games, skating games or platform games, but mostly they are games with characters and storylines, like Zelda, Fable or Dragon Age :)

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Aug 18, 2009
Because I like to play them, simple as that. Video games are fun and challenging at times, that's what usually drags me into playing them, plus you enjoy the story lines involved, etc. My favorited are RPGs, I like tactics over any other genre.
Apr 26, 2012
In video games I can go anywhere and have all of these awesome adventures just by sitting on my butt.
I love the creativity that goes into video games. I can really get inspired through all the worlds these game developers make.
Plus, I still feel like a little kid exploring in unknown open worlds.


Apr 22, 2011
To escape my real life and have some fun for a few hours, However it's been even more fun to analyze video games and discuss them. Although my love for video games can get out of hand sometimes, I have this habit of trying to be first or one of the first at most things.. So when a new game comes out I usually just lock myself in my room and play the game until I beat it. With SS it got so far that I actually got the game early and beat the game before it officially came out just sitting in my room for a few days doing nothign but playing SS.. surprised my Wii didn't die. ;)
Feb 23, 2011
Like others, I have been playing video games since early childhood, and those times were only for fun and enjoyment. As time rolled on and more responsibilities and stressors arose, however, video games have become more of a form of escape than anything. I've come to find solace in a good adventure title or RPG; falling in love with their plots, characters and locales, as if I were somehow replacing the sad reality that is the real world.

Aside from that aspect, gaming has also become somewhat of a hobby of mine, in the sense that I play them as means to pass time between work and other real world stuff. Fighting games are a great outlet in that respect, and I'm a huge fan of fighting game tournaments, in particular. And while I have never partaken in an actual tournament, I follow them avidly on Youtube and a site called Dustloop. I guess you could say I'm a fighting game connoisseur.

All and all, I am like many others when it comes to gaming. Playing video games serves as an escape and a hobby of mine, alongside reading, watching anime, surfing the internet, and drawing...
Apr 29, 2012
Video games have been a progression throughout my life.

I started playing video games very early in life, and grew up with a SNES and games like Donkey Kong Country and various Mario games. I just played them because they were fun.

Then in high school I got pretty big into interactive games like Wii Sports and Guitar Hero. The interactive games were becoming very popular at that point, and they were something that really interested me.

Guitar Hero led me to want to learn to play a real guitar, so I had a bit of a hiatus from video games, and they didn't interest me very much.

Now I've combined guitar and video games by playing music from video games on the guitar. So the main reason I play video games now is to look for new music to listen to and learn. I still play SNES games that are new to me, and I wouldn't trade my SNES for any newer console.


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Jul 11, 2012
I play them because they are fun and I like how if it's a really good game you just sound out everything and get in the gaming zone it's an escape from reality.

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