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Why Do Parents Let Kids Play M Games?

Mayor Dotour

Mayor of Clocktown
May 13, 2012
I know, some parents can be total idiots. More than 90% of guys at my school are 12-13 and they play M games. It's stupid. I don't, because I have morals. They don't.

This generation lost its values and morals. We need them back!!
Apr 10, 2010
Many parents just simply don't care. I'm sure some of these parents aren't aware of how different videogames are these days than when they were young kids, so they blame the games instead of taking responsibility themselves.

I don't think it should be as simple as you must be 18+ to play any M-rated game, but it should be the parents call if they want to allow their kid to play certain games after doing research, but most just don't want to take the responsibility of doing that.
Feb 7, 2012
HAHAHA!! Kinda funny because your 11 and your smarter about this subject than the parents that let childrean play M games....just saying...
Apr 4, 2012
I'm not going to lie, I played M games as a kid, but my parents didn't know that I did. It was only when I went to my Grandma's house every Sunday. My cousin had games like GTA III and Halo. But in no way did it influence the way that I game. I still rather much preferred playing on my Gameboy color at the time. I never cussed or said any of the stupid stuff kids are saying these days. If I ever get to be a parent, I'm going to be giving my kids the classics and make them start gaming with the good ol' Gameboy, just like I did. That way they can appreciate gaming more.


The King of all Rocks
Nov 12, 2011
Death Mountain
i know, i was playing Halo with one of my friends and then his little brother came up and garbbed my controler and started playing Halo! and the kids parents were fine with it! i mean, WHAT KIND OF PARENT LETS THEIR 4-YEAR OLD KID PLAY HALO?!?
Apr 26, 2012
I think it would be dumb to let a young kid like that play with games like that because how do they even know what to do at that age?
I know this 5 year old who doesn't even know what to do next in a Crush Bandicoot.
I just think parents these days aren't really caring what their kids do anymore.
Like when the let them play with their expensive phones and tablets.
Maybe the parents thinks that the kid could learn things they don't want to talk about through video games.
Apr 3, 2012
Yea it's pretty dumb letting your infant kids play M games, but annoying, soccer moms are terrible as well.


100% Video Creator
Apr 30, 2012
Southern California
This is an interesting issue for me, because while I was not allowed to play M games until I was 16 or so (starting at around 14 my parents would take games by a case by case basis) my brother, who is 4 years younger than me, essentially got a free pass starting when he was 14. It bothered me a bit, but I think I understand why now.

First off, anyone that lets their 12 year old play GTA 4, under any circumstances, seems to either be ignorant of the facts of the game, some other external factor, or just unaware. Either way, it shouldn't be happening. Now, a 12 year old playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory? Less of a problem for me.

Also keep in mind that these are all guidelines, and while we may disagree with their decisions, these are not breaking any laws or really violating anything other than good judgement. In fact, us gamers have fought tooth and nail against people like Jack Thompson, who try to place purchase restrictions on M and T rated games. We just don't like anyone messin' with our freedoms. And it is the parents "freedom" to let their child play M games.

Let me get back to my main point. I was mad when my parents gave my brother the free pass. Why did he get it 2 years before me? I wanted to play Oblivion or Morrowind when I was his age but they wouldnt let me, but now he is playing Skyrim!

The main concern surrounding children playing these games is what they take away from them: what is acceptable behavior (running over hookers and taking their money an obvious no-no), desensitization to violence, and general attitude. What I discovered over the past year or so is that my parents were not waiting for some arbitrary date - they were waiting for me to, as cheesy as it sounds, be mature enough to be able to separate reality and virtual reality. When I was at that point, while they might not like the games I play (my mother especially hated Fallout 3, for example, and even though it is tame compared to some games, cannibalism freaks the hell out of her and she saw it was an option when I was choosing a perk) they understand that I can keep it where it belongs - in the game. So even though my brother was younger, he saw me being able to maintain this separation - and he undoubtedly has as well (although there was one rocky period.)

I think my real point is that the ESRB are "guidelines," not laws, and should be treated as such. While they are a good way to take a first glance at something, each game should be evaluated individually, just like a movie. I am just astounded by the number of "every parent who lets their kids play M games before they are 17 are stupid" posts in the thread. This mentality is damaging on a personal level as well as a societal one.


Brave Knight of Truth
Dec 22, 2011
Toronto, Canada
Some M rated games are rated like that because of violence, which is something that is in almost everygame. Even in Mario, which is rated E, invovles jumping on someones head or throwing a fireball at them. I woouldnt mind if my future non currently existend children to play violent games, as long as theres no nudity, sexuality or profanity. They will hear enough profanity as school as it is.
Dec 14, 2010
Im assuming this is your way of taking out your anger. Anyway, my parents were always cool about me playing older games. They never let me play Cod or anything, but they were cool with zelda and metroid :)
Dec 29, 2011
United States
I hate the fact that parents let kid play Call of Duty (and any other FPS type game), and as they get older, they become FPS only players and ignore every other GOOD game out there. They also become graphic freaks, and accuse everything of bad graphics. I once invited a friend like this, and turned on Mario Party 2 for the N64, and he yelled at the graphics, and called it stupid just because he could not acknowledge that it was a old and very fun game. He then forced me to turn something new on. He didn't even give it a chance. Then he insisted on play Modern Warfare, and played online and was cursing and yelling like a 5 year old. He thinks everything other than FPS games automatically suck. So I agree with this thread.

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