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Why Do Most Games Begin with Link Waking Up?

Feb 5, 2011
Has anyone noticed? Mostly in the console games, save for Majora's Mask, you begin playing after Link wakes up.
In ALTTP he wakes up from a dream with Zelda speaking to him.
In OoT he wakes up when Navi enters his room.
In TWW Aryll wakes him up in his... clubhouse or whatever that is.
In TP, while we see him awake, you truly take control when the kids wake him up.

Heck, we can expand this to handhelds.
LA he wakes from crashing into Koholint and Marin nursing him back to health.
TMC he wakes when his grandpa announces Zelda is visiting him.

Surprisingly, the first episode of that awful cartoon began with him waking up. And plenty of people know what I think of that cartoon, I mean, I called it awful while plenty here admit that while it is crap, they still enjoy it.

Coincidence? A way of the player waking up to a new adventure? Or Nintendo just prefers doing this?

Link 2 the past

Slashy Slashy
Sep 5, 2008
Harrogate, England
PH would be another one where this is the case, unless you believe that the events of that game were a dream, and LA is the same thing.

Anyway the other games where he doesn't wake up, the two NES game, the Oracle games and ST.


Useful Help.
Jul 19, 2011
Remember what Navi said :
"How can Hyrule depend on such a lasy boy"

Link = Lazy?
Or he need's a big rest before he stays up fr 1000 days :cool:


For the Greater Good.
Apr 3, 2011
That place you can never find.
'Cause he is waking up to the biggest adventure of his life. And savin' the world is hard work ya know.

Waking up is also is a great starting point. No one wants the game to start in the middle of Link getting his buttkicked by and army of stalchildren (Pshaw like that'd ever happen >.>) right? Though I do like the fact most of the games start off with him waking up. It allows Nintendo to buildup to the first dungeon.


Ash Gala Wonderful!
Mar 9, 2010
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I think that this is just some sort of easter egg/staple in the series which Nintendo decided to keep after aLttP or LA, comparable to returning items like the Master Sword, bombs, bow etc.
But I like the explanation of Link finally having to get some rest between his adventures, I mean who can stay up for several weeks in a row while running around the overworld, slaying enemies, swimming for miles etc etc?
Jan 27, 2011
he's aware that he's a video game character so he has a nap before the game starts because he knows it's going to take a while
Jul 29, 2010
Cincinnati Ohio
ive noticed this too. i always just thought he went along with all this "hero stuff" just for the sake of shutting up navi so he can go back to sleep once its all over haha just kidding.


Smilus Creepus
Jan 17, 2011
It's a Secret to Everybody
I suppose it is a rather symbolic occurance in both that Link is prepared to awaken as the next chosen hero, and that we, also, are prepared to awaken as Link. Whether Nintendo is aware of it or not, I find it a perfect start to the games. As said before, if nothing else, he won't be getting sleep anytime soon.... especially with me behind the controller....

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