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Who Would Win?

Which Link is the victor?

  • LoZ/AoL Link

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  • A Link to the Past/LA

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  • Ocarina of Time Adult Link

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  • OoT/Majora's Mask Young Link

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  • Wind Waker Link

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  • Twilight Princess Link

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  • Minish Cap Link

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  • Oracle of Seasons/Ages Link

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  • Four Swords Links

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  • Any "Missing Link" I am forgetting

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Beaten every Zelda
Oct 12, 2011
I almost decided on TP Link because he looks mature and he has some gret equipment however after some consideration I think that the OoT Link would be a more mature adult who has all kinds of magic (dins fire, nayru's love, farore's wind, all arrows). I dont think this Link would be able to be touched cause he could teleport around and use nayrus love to be invincible. While its arguable that WW Link has magic armor i dont think he would actually have the magic armor in his posession because he is a little boy how probably wouldnt have the attention span to go through a big trading quest that makes him sail for days


Resident Netizen
May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
Honestly, ALTTP Link. He has THREE magic Medallions that cause an earthquake, a helluvalot of fire, and a giant lightning strike that freezes enemies, that CANNOT be dodged by any enemy on screen (not even Ganon). He has a cape which makes him invisible and untouchable, making him invulnerable, he has a cane of invincibility, he has a cane that makes barriers in the way of opponents, he has an upgraded Master Sword beyond that of any other Link's, he has the Silver Arrows, a Fire and Ice rod, and he has 2x (sometimes more) as much health as any Link except Link from TLoZ.

Yeah, when anyone can touch this guy when he's wearing his cape and using the medallions, I'll concede defeat. But without a doubt, ALttP Link is the most powerful Link in the series to date.
Jun 25, 2011
Definitely Fierce Deity Link. It's basically Adult Link from OoT with the Biggoron's Sword, except the sword is a LOT cooler and when Z-Targeting, beams come out of your sword. All this- STANDARD!


I still think the Four Swords Links would win because, well four is better then 1..... right? (Plus the fire rod would be able to set a forest on fire giving them a major advantage)


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Feb 8, 2011
Majora's Mask Link, because he can turn into a Goron at will and smash all his enemies, or even more Fierce Deity Link who's so tough looking that Link's Goron transformation would whimper and run away.


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Oct 25, 2009
Wherever the winds take me.
I'm saying ALTTP Link. All he needs to do is Ether, then Bombos, and all others are gone.

But then, I don't see he, nor most Links fighting one another. Only really the Four Swords Links (as we all bicker with them, I'm sure they all bicker, as evidenced in the manga) and maybe OOT Link (he seems like the type that if you shove him the wrong way once he'll cut you...). Most other Link's I see having anime sweat beads form and awkwardly shy away as the others duke it out.

Deku Nut

OoT Link. I might just be saying that because to my knowledge OoT is the best game ever! (in my opinion) But it would be a awesome match between TP and OoT Link. TP has all the mad Midna skillz and the ball and chain etc. But OoT link can get extra defense on his hearts and also OoT link has all the great fairy upgrades so he could teleport, be invincible and do a killa Dins fire, also OoT link was the first of the Links to have the Triforce of Courage so TP Link should be very happy he was gifted something the great hero of time had! Based on this i say OoT Link.


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Just a friendly reminder on this VERY OLD topic:

This thread and its poll were created quite a while before Skyward Sword came out. In fact, I think when I started it, all we knew about SS was "Link swordless in a picture with a mystery-girl."

Anyone wanting to vote for Skyward Link should pick the "Missing Link" part of the poll. (Check the date - this thread really is that old, I'm surprised it's still active. It's over two years old, amazing)!

Either chose the "other" option or create a new thread that takes new games into account.

I'm actually kind of sad that the painting I did to accompany this topic (which is on one of my walls) lacks Skyward Link... and there's no room to add him. I may have to do a new fanart.
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Surely Four Swords Links would win i mean c'mon theres four of them.

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