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Who Would Win?

Which Link is the victor?

  • LoZ/AoL Link

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  • A Link to the Past/LA

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  • Ocarina of Time Adult Link

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  • OoT/Majora's Mask Young Link

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  • Wind Waker Link

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  • Twilight Princess Link

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  • Minish Cap Link

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  • Oracle of Seasons/Ages Link

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  • Four Swords Links

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  • Any "Missing Link" I am forgetting

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~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
Twilight Princess Link. He's really strong, with good abilities and he actually looks the best aswell. In terms of graphics and design he wins hands down and for some reason that also makes him seem supirior to the other Links. The handheld Links are just so small...XD


Is not Error
Aug 29, 2010
Tower of Hera
Yeah, this definitely is not voting for my favorite Link, but I believe that with the wolf transformation and the fancy swordplay, TP Link comes out on top.


Retired Super Mod and HK
Oct 24, 2007
Twilight Princess Link would mop the floor with the rest of the Links, with all the special training he's had. He's learned from the master of all masters. Plus, he knows how to sumo wrestle, if that counts for anything.
Mar 14, 2011
Ha Oot Link Is the best link he may not have any special training and stuff, but he is by far the best. He was the first 3 demensional Link he can take on anything anytime. Oot also had the best weapons to me so he could Just totally anniahlate any of the others...and i dont think sumo counts lol

Random Person

Just Some Random Person
Feb 6, 2010
In a fight? Twilight Princess Link. OoT/MM child Link is my favorite Link so this isn't because of favoritism. TP Link has more moves and acrobatics at his disposal than any other Link. He knows the moves of pretty much every other Link and then some. The only Link that may be a challenge for him would be Dark Link.


Zelda's Kid
Nov 15, 2010
Twilight Princess link would win in my opinion. He has hidden skills, powerful items, and he looks like he's the oldest, which probably means he would have the most body strength. One weakness he has is that he cannot use magic, that might be lethal to him though.


The Mask Salesman
Apr 18, 2010
Happy Mask Shop
OoT Adult Link can use magic. Light arrows, fire arrows, ice arrows, whatever he deems necessary. He has both the Master Sword and Biggoron's Sword at his disposal. Has spells like Nayru's Love to protect him and Din's Fire to engulf everything around him in flames. TP Link would give him a run for his money with those crazy moves, but OoT Adult Link would win out.


Jun 29, 2010
I picked "some other Missing Link" in favor of link in SS, he has extreme swordsmaship (with a living sword) awesome Items, expirience fighting nasty enemies like Stalfos and Scorpion, and I don't think they were even mini bosses, and some tough-looking real bosses like the shiva statue and Ghiriahim. Even though SS link isn't my favorite, I picked him because he would win.
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Jan 9, 2011
Loz/Aol: Thunder and life spells, magic sword upgraded 8 times! has the abbility to talk (hey look, a flying pig on a motorcycle!) had the toughest adventures (second quest and Aol, just sayin') has the red ring
Alttp: Master sword upgraaded two times, killed ganon when he was at his strongest, has a super strong boomerang and red/blue tunic
OOT adult: can't find anything that makes him very likely to win...
Oot/MM: great fairys sword and lots of bottles
Wind waker link: agile
Twiligth princess: hidden skills, ball and chain, bomb arrow
rest of the games on the list: havent played...

all in all I think AoL would won as he is the best in multi-man meelees (level 6, 8 and 9 in loz) and has the best sword

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