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Who Likes Harry Potter?


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
I really love the Harry Potter books, I just re-read all of them this fall and they were as magical as I remembered them to be :) The movies are good, but being a HP book fan I keep getting annoyed at certain things not making the movies and some of the things they added that weren't in the books.

I'm a fan of the games, tho. I noticed that the games are actually different depending on which system they are on. At least that was true in the beginning - I played through Philosopher's Stone on my PC, on Playstation AND on x-box and the gameplay was incredibly different on all three. The x-box one was my favorite. In fact my favorite HP games are the first three ones on the x-box.

I really love how they are set up with going between classes and storyline quests and then you have the whole school and grounds to explore and look for lost objects, wizard cards, etc. and I really love flying around the grounds, makes the exploration even more fun. The grounds got bigger and more detailed in the third game, plus you got to switch between the characters, and I loved that, plus flying the hippogriffs were a lot of fun (though I did miss getting to fly around on your broom).

With the fourth game they decided to make some changes to the formula and I HATED it. Suddenly you couldn't explore anymore, you couldn't move around the school, and you had NO control over which spells you cast, everything that was fun about the games were gone. Then by the time the fifth game and onwards came out, the school and grounds had gotten so huge you had to rely on the map to tell you where to go. I have yet to really play anything past the first three games, because I just feel they changed too much.

Game 1-3 (the good ol' games):

Game 4 (the game that totally sucked):

Game 5 (how the newer games are like):

I just prefer the old games, they were more magical to me and I didn't need footprints to show me where to go all the time...
Dec 22, 2011
ME!!!! I LOVE Potter! I have all the books and films and I had so many Harry Potter decorations in my old house! Seriously, anyone who doesn't like Harry Potter is INSANE!


Moves Like Jagger.
Dec 21, 2011
The Sky with Diamonds
-Raises hand and jumps up and down-

I do, I do, I do! I've read the entire series a total of three times, slowly working on my fourth. I've been a fan of the books since I read the first one in 2004ish. I remember my Gran at the time bought it for me and I read it and continued on. I had a falling out with it in sixth grade, but I recently got back into them this summer when I found out the series was ending. That's what really got me back into it, I remembered all the good times I'd spent reading the books and watching the movies and I was like "Whoa, that's all going to be over."

Now I'm really hoping we see a continuation series, but if not, I think I'll be okay as long as I've got my memories. :)


The incomparable legend
Dec 19, 2011
Temple of Light
At first I'll be honest and I thought if you liked Harry Potter you were considered gay, but after watching the movies, I realized you're gay if you don't like them lol. Nah, not really, everyone has their preferences, but I do like Harry Potter.


Resident Netizen
May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
I more than like Harry Potter. I'm not a monomaniac (see my blog on How to be a Fan and not Fan-Dumb), but I love it to death, and I will respond if anyone talks badly about it.
Jan 1, 2012
I love Harry Potter. I've seen all of the movies now. I'd like to eventually read the books, but it will probably never happen. I just can't commit the time needed to read a lengthy book.
Jan 29, 2012
United Kingdom
I adore Harry Potter, I have all the books and movies... I'm going to the London studios sometime this year and have been a contributing Beta member of Pottermore since August.
I stayed up until midnight to get my copy of the last book and had finished it by 6am, including half an hour of sobbing due to the blood bath it was.
Nov 11, 2011
Yeah I like it but... Star Wars for the win!!! I know they are differents genres of movies but they are movies and Star Wars it's EPIC!


Boy Wonder
Jun 22, 2011
Behind you
I grew up reading the series, and as such am sure to be a lifelong fan. It's such an impressive accomplishment that she managed to gradually up the maturity of the books as people my age slowly grew up - the series grew up with us, and that was awesome.

That said, the film series leaves much to be desired. Stand outs are Azkaban, Phoenix and Prince - three spectacular films that I watch quite often. Weak points are Goblet and Hallows Part 2, the latter of which was the biggest disappointment I have ever seen in a theater - and I've seen a lot of movies. Such an awful film.

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