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Who is Your Favorite Character That Has Helped Link in Any Zelda Game



ok so which is your favorite character that has helped Link in anyway

For me it will be Zelda (ST) and Happy Mask Salesman (MM)


I liked Midna and Tatl a lot.

They were quite sarcastic and not as annoying as Navi.

Not to mention I thought Midna's character development and relationship with Link was great.

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Jun 11, 2009
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It's a tie between Linebeck and Zelda.

Linkbeck made Phantom Hourglass really fun. His personality was hilarious. I loved how he would always make up excuses so he wouldn't have to go through the dungeons and stuff. He seemed so clumsy at times. I find the whole thing with Jolene funny. I just love how Linebeck was always scared of her. Just finding out why he was scared of her was funny. I also liked how his personality changed throughout the game.

It's fun having Zelda travel with you on your adventures for once. That's something I really like about Spirit Tracks so far. It's so fun having her as a phantom. Because of that, there are some great puzzles in the game that are kinda hard. It's quite interesting.

Both Linebeck and Zelda have been great sidekicks throughout the Legend of Zelda series.


Linebeck and Midna! Just because Linebeck was hilarious, and all of that character stuff about Midna everyone usually says.


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Jan 18, 2009
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HAHA dare i say Navi...
Even though she said some really annoying things during mid game, the useful pieces of advice that she did say really helped you out at times.


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Jun 2, 2009
Hmm...I believe that I have three favorites for this category and they would be Shiek, Midna, and Zelda on ST.

The reason why for these particular characters would be because I liked how each of them helped Link on his quest to save Hyrule. I also liked the connection that developed between them and Link over the course of the game.

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Aug 19, 2009
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My top fav helpers are...

#4. Linebeck (Phantom Hourglass)

Well anybody who's played Phantom Hourglass would HAVE to include Linebeck! After all he's funny, cowardly, and just entertaining. Without him Link would be pretty much stranded on Mercay Island while Bellum sucks the world's life force clean not to mention he was pretty epic in the final fight (He fights off Bellum for a bit and then he gets possessed and becomes the final boss! How epic is that?!?!?!) and his obsession with treasure and the S.S. Linebeck (his ship) is just so cool!

#3. Elzo (Minish Cap)

Yes I've included Elzo. He was actually a pretty fun little sidekick what with his sarcasm and whatnot in addition to the wierd things he says (he says in one part of the game something about having an egg snack and losing it in Link's hair for instance). Not to mention he also was a sidekick you couldn't go without after all he allowed you to shrink to Minish size and back.

#2. Midna (Twilight Princess)

Okay so who could've played Twilight Princess and not think Midna is one of the best helpers ever?! Definately not me! Anyways Midna is funny and sarcastic and some of the gibberish she spurts (you know, the video game voice) is pretty funny. Not to mention she was a good part of the story, being the true Twilight Princess after all. And her help is really helpful too. After all she allows you to switch between wolf and hylian form at will, allows you to do a lot of cool stuff as a wolf, and even warp!

#1. Zelda (Spirit Tracks)

Okay so anybody who's played Spirit Tracks would have to be insane to not think Zelda's a cool sidekick. After all she accompanies you throughout your entire adventure even assisting in battle. She's ghostly so she can possess those evil, nasty, phantoms that prowl the Tower of Spirits and assist you by carrying you over lava, distracting other phantoms, hitting switches, accessing the inaccessable (to Link), and so much more. Not to mention, like all the sidekicks since Midna, she's a dynamic character who changes throughout the course of the game. She kicks phantasmal butt.


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Jan 18, 2009
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Midna was a great character to be along. I might be saying Zelda from Spirit Tracks if I had the game yet because, she looks very fun to play along with as a phantom. Midna was great, when I was doing bad, she'd always have some sarcastic phrase or sentence or whatever to keep me going. Navi and Tatl; not so fun.


Midna! It's a kind of subtle comedy-relief character, somebody mysterious and maybe not quite good.

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