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Who is the Ghost Guy in Ocarina of Time

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I thought he yelled at me for disturbing the dead not because he hated poes


Remember that all soldiers die fighting against ganon's forces, if you go to the ganon's castle entrance you will see soldier's bones and monsters bones. I think that the guard die fighting against a stalfo and when chaos begin the kid scapes from his family and he was cursed maybe for kotake or koume. And with his ugly face he turns to the bad side wishing bad things to the people, and start the poe store at the gate of hyrule market.


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Dec 19, 2011
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I never thought anything of it before until now. I just assumed he was Ghost who liked to collect Big Poes. But not that you mention it, perhaps the guard who was there 7 years earlier might be him.


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Jun 27, 2011
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I pretty sure the Poe Collector is the guard that resided the same house in the past. He always talked about how he wished something would happen and how he was interested in the paranormal.


never thought about it either before this thread and i read al the post here i first thouhgt the kid could be but then after i read about the lines the gaurds says i think i has to be the guard there is now other reseon to let him say that in the game if he doesn't become the poe collecter and if i am right the collecter says thaty he need them for his research so i am almost sure it is the guard


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Mar 17, 2012
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Your idea that Dampe or Bongo-Bongo cursed him both seem very unlikely. Dampe was not an evil character, he was simply the gravekeeper. Further after the seven years he passes away and you meet him as an adult in the grave and he has a halo. This implies he was crowned as good. If they had just wanted him to be dead they would have just had him floating as a ghost. The halo is a pointed tag of good.

After you defeat Twinrova, Koume and Kotake both ascend in a beam of light with a halo over each of their heads and they were most definately evil. I think the halo is simply used to show the character is dead and nothing more.

I like this theory. I always thought the Ghost Shop Owner was just the guard from the same room but I like the idea of it being the young boy.
As for the personality change, the young boy did grow up in a world in which an evil overlord plagued the land with monsters and scary things, which he shows a great interest in when he's a boy. Doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to imagine he actually liked what Ganondorf did to Hyrule.
Mar 10, 2012
I always thought it was the Soldier because like some of you have said he use to always talk about how he wanted something to happen and talked about the paranormal plus when your a adult the guy says how hes excited about these dark times or something because it's a good time to hunt for poes... makes sense to me. I never thought of the graveyard kid thing though I never realized he swings the stick like the kid did.
Dec 29, 2011
I always thought the ghost guy was the guard in the room wearing the Mask of Truth, since he clearly knows your name before you even talk to him the first time you enter, and he says it in a "matter-of-fact" kind of way.

As others have stated, of course, I agree with them. Just thought I'd point out that he does look like he's wearing the mask of truth. But he may very well be possessed. Maybe both?


The guard was talking about opening a ghost shop, so I believe it was him.
Jan 28, 2012
Preston, UK
Discussion #007: Who is the Poe Collector?

Be advised that the following article contains unconfirmed, fan-made theories or speculation. That odd looking creature in Ocarina of Time who collects Poes, who is he? There's two likely suspects, so let's begin...

The nameless Poe collector is the creature that is located in that side building as soon as you walk into Market in Ocarina of Time as an adult. You can bring him all ten of the Big Poes from Hyrule Field as a side-quest. We don't know who he is because we don't see his face, only a red dot. He never mentions who he is or where he came from, but he does say he wasn't partially good looking when he was younger.

"When he was younger." Having that in mind, then it could of been someone young when Link was young, seven years earlier. The nameless graveyard boy could be this person. He's the young kid who hangs round the graveyard in Kakariko Village along with Dampé. He is very interested in scary things, just like Poes. Also, the stick that he always carries, is similar to the one that the Poe collector holds. He even said he wasn't scary enough!

But you would think that he is too young to be the Poe collector, he's even younger than the young Link. So that leads on to the more popular suspect, the guard who guards that same room in Market in the past. When Link talks to him he says he's interested in ghosts, how ironic. He also refers to Link as "young man" just like the Poe collector does. But even if that is him, wouldn't you think that when Ganondorf attacked Market and Hyrule Castle he would've slaughtered all the guards there?

The Poe collector is also seen in Majora's Mask, but nothing more is indicated who he really is there. So leave what you think below! Hylian Guard or Graveyard Boy?!

- GreenGyser :chu:

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