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Who Here Collects Stuff?


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Jan 16, 2012
Los Angeles
I collect Yugioh Cards, and have built quite a collection, though not as much as before.
I used to collect rocks, specifically from beaches and parks.
I also collect Eevee, if that counts, though it's more breeding.


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Nov 17, 2011
The Makai
I collect some gaming stuff, this was from a post I made a while ago (massive photos, hence the spoiler tags):
So this afternoon I got bored and decided to see how much of my Zelda stuff I could find, I took some images:
First up I found some magazines, Game Informer and Official Nintendo Magazines:
Here is some stuff I got at the Nintendo Connection Tour 2011 including 4 lanyards (I went on multiple days), 2 OoT3D pens that are made from the finest Deku Tree wood, an Ocarina, 2 key rings, 2 pins, code card to win a rare scroll and a rare scroll:


My Games (Minish Cap is a fake from eBay :() :
My Limited Edition Skyward Sword Bundle, Strategy Guide and Ocarina of Time Soundtrack:
Random Stuff such as a Manga Box Set, guide books, Ezlo hat, 3DS cover, Phantom Hourglass DS case, bits and pieces from ONM, eShop cards, Zelda mint tin and a Link Plush that I won in the May Forum Giveaway Contest:


Sword and Shield Replicas (3DS for size comparison):
Posters that were a Club Nintendo Reward:



Waiting to buy frames so that I can put them up, I'll get to it Krazy :P.
Poster from eBay:
Poster from a GAME store:
Since then I also have Hyrule Historia, A Zelda Plaque, Twilight Princess Game Cube a lolly dispencer and probably a few small other things. I have more gaming stuff, this is just Zelda related things.

Holy hell, I wish I had half that stuff!

I collect:

Original Nintendo Magazines
TV shows I find to be "edgy" and "different" such as Queer as Folk, Hex and Lexx
Musical Soundtracks

I used to collect:

Pokemon Tazos (I've got about 300 of 'em from series 1 and 2 combined)
Ben 10 figurines and posters
Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Chibi figurines
Yu-Gi-Oh! cards
Pokemon Cards
Polished Rocks
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Mar 16, 2012
Foeba, my town in Animal Crossing
I collect coins. I know that doesn't sound to amazing, but it is! I have a Canadian penny, some weird coin from Africa, 200 yen, a gold colored coin worth 1 dollar from US, A 2 dollar bill, and a lot more stuff I'm too lazy to put down. It was originally a quarter collection. Quarters in the US have a design on the back of them for all 50 states and are made from 2 sides of the country. The ones made from the west side are marked with a small D on the front, while in the east its marked with a P. In all, I need to find 100 quarters. They distributed it from 1999 to 2007, but they're still making more that have back design resembling other places. That means I'll have more than 100 to collect! While collecting those, I stumbled upon different coins & paper money that are rarely seen in the US. Now that I've seen them, I want to catch'em all!


Jan 26, 2013
I tend to collect; Coins including wheat pennies, state quarters, foreign coins, and other cool looking coins; Junk, pretty much self explanatory; Video games, hard to do when you don't have a job; and computer hardware/software, there is just so much amazing free software out there. Overall nothing weird, but I may start some weird collections soon.
Feb 2, 2013
I collect playing cards. I travel a lot and I always get a set from the place I'm at. I have boxs full of them. :)


poog tnalp yknuhc
Jul 11, 2012
I use to collect rocks and Pokemon Cards.

I stopped collecting rocks because I ran out of places to put them, so me and my Dad put them around my grandma's grave.
I still have my Pokémon cards. I got a huge book of them from my friend in 3rd grade. I don't collect them anymore, but I do still have the ones I collected before I stopped.


Sage of Tales
I collect animal skulls and bones - I'm mostly interested in skulls.

One of the links in my signiture will take you to Deviant Art, where I display what I do with them.

I sometimes watch the National Geographic Channel's show "Taboo" (which showcases cultures, subcultures and individuals who do certain rituals and lifestyles that put most Westerners off. Some of these people actually live in America/Britain/Australia, too). On a show about collections, there was featured a humble artist in California who has one of the most complete bone/skull type collections in the world in his rather large basement. Like me, he started collecting because he was an artist who was struck by the beauty of the shapes of bone. Unlike me, the guy does not paint all over the bones that he finds - which makes him a frequent host to scientists who study wildlife and evolutionary biology because his collection gives them a chance to contrast and compare the underlying structure of many species. I AM SO JEALOUS OF THIS MAN!

Even if I could just get my hands on a male baburusa skull, I'd be so happy... that would make a mangificent piece of art, especially if it was one of the poor creatures that died by its own tusk-growth...

Very few pieces of my collection would be usable by scientists, I think, though I did make one of my recent finds (a whitetale doe skull) a gift for a relative of my guy's who just got his biology degree. It seems even folks who major in invertibrates like a good skull. As an artist, my art is also compared to that of Georgia O' Keefe's a lot - so maybe there's something about eccentric artists and bones, too.

Anyway, I'm fond of telling people who know this about me not to make me mad, lest they risk becoming a part of my collection.

Lord Vain

Dawn of a New Day
Nov 29, 2011
Suppose to a degree one could say I collect weapons...got a hunting knife, a machete, and a battle axe so far among other various things. Aside from that I have other things that I collect, such as Mario figurines and trading cards, don't really collect these things much anymore though because I'm older.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male

So recently I learned I had an ingrown toenail, I suppose it's better than an outgrown toenail hahahaha, anyway I went to the Doctor and before the operation started he injected me with something, yep I bet you can all guess where this is going haha well I'll say it anyway he injected me with some Anesthetic, but then an elephant smashed down the wall and shot bi-curiosity in my face with it's trunk, which got me thinking what do you people of this humble website collect, it could be DVDs, video games, mousepads, certain dishes, you name it!

As for me I collect Garden gnomes, I have been collecting garden gnomes ever since I was a little baba, I as of now have over 5000 Garden gnomes and when I was younger (yesterday) I would play with them like toys. I also like collecting bottle caps :)
Oh and also collect Tiberian to fund my war effort there's a little joke only a few of you will understand. Who ever gets it, will gain -100 gold, yes that means you pay me gold.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
What the living ****...Dan I love you so much <3

Anyway yeah. I do have a collection or two. I collect hair follicles for fun. I have a collection of old GameBoy Advance games. I also have a collection of seashells which currently stands at a mighty count of ONE seashell. Oh, not to mention I collect empty gatorade bottles! I have twenty of them in my closest actually. Hmm...I also collect dust as odd as it may seem. Although it makes me gag, I just love having bags of dust.
Jun 22, 2013
I like collecting random stuff. Like bottles that held root beer from a festival I have 4 so far. I also collect Lego sets. I have lots and lots of those.... Also lots of junk. I need to clean my room.

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
When I was younger I used to collect a lot of foreign toys. I still have a few left, actually. On the stranger side of things, I collect used and outdated electronics, primarily old cell phones. I have of those as well as some old computer parts. I also recall collecting some interesting-looking rocks when I was younger, some of which I still own. Lately, I've been thinking about collecting obscure PS2 games. I cannot explain exactly why, but I like collecting more games that I can't even play now.

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