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Breath of the Wild Who Do You Want As the Zelda U Villain?

Who do you want as the Zelda U villain?

  • Ganon/Ganondorf

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  • Vaati

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  • Dark Link

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  • A previous one-time villain

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  • A new villain

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Hero of Time! The True Zelda Genius!
Feb 9, 2013
Trapped in Darkness :(
call me dense bro,but i got nothing out of that

The point is those videos I embedded in my previous post confirm that Shadow Link must have bigger role in the series than people seem to think. I'll explain more on that later. Seriously, I how can you not get anything out of that? Did you watch the videos in order I listed them by?


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
ZD Legend
May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
The point is those videos I embedded in my previous post confirm that Shadow Link must have bigger role in the series than people seem to think. I'll explain more on that later. Seriously, I how can you not get anything out of that? Did you watch the videos in order I listed them by?

yes,i didn't get the point of the first one,i STILL think the 2nd one is mainly on ganon,and aside dark link just...being there in the 3rd one [which i take it as a symbolic reason],i don't see how that relates to the one we know


The chosen one
May 13, 2010
Vaati, I don't think his final battle with link(s?) in Four swords adventures was a fitting conclusion. I would also like to see a more mature version of vaati (something like zant), and I think that with the graphical style of Zelda U we could expect to see a very interesting and dark villan.


I guess I'm the only one who would like to see Malladus again XD

Tatl Tael Link

Hero of Hyrule
Jul 24, 2013
I think it would be amazing to have another Vaati game, especially on a platform rather than a handheld. Vaati has always been one of my favorite villains, as he isn't Ganondorf/Ganon, so it was a nice change of pace when he appeared in Four Swords and Minish Cap. And I think it would awesome to see him in 3-D.


Travis Mask
Jul 13, 2013
Gainesville, Tx
I'd like to see a new villain, such as the king of Hyrule. Have him be the first to possess the Triforce of Power. It would explain how the kingdom was established and the Era of Prosperity came around so quickly. And, you know the basic reasoning behind this: power corrupts.

Very valid points(your post with the videos) Tempus. Kind of the same reasoning as to why I wish to see the King of Hyrule be the new bad guy. Dark Link isn't so much a bad guy as he is the reflection of all the darkness within Link. It only makes sense that there is this dark-side, like Dark Link, of everyone of the Hylian and hero's bloodline. It would also explain the Twili, in ways.
I'm glad I'm not the only one he sees that these games have a much more comprehensive plot than your basic knights, swords, good vs evil, magic, and other mystical beings story.
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the shadow mage
Mar 6, 2011
I want vaati I just love his character in MC and He was a pretty difficult boss battle. He deserves a 3d rendition.

Mideval Zora

What if they all were in it like as bosses or mini-bosses with an omega boss at the end that u would have to beat with every weapon u had and u had to change to Oni Link to beat him/her!!!

Original Ftw
Dec 17, 2011
I think it would have to depend on the timeline. In general, however, as much as I like Demise, I think he needs to wait a while. If Ganondorf is the villain, he should be revealed right from the start, otherwise we'll have to go through the same debates we did with Twilight Princess. I for one fail to grasp the appeal of Vaati, but if it's in the Adult timeline, sure, why not? Put an overrated villain in a timeline that started with an overrated game, and maybe you'll have something I'd actually be able to follow the hype for. However, I'd rather see Vaati as the villain for A Link Between Worlds, so I'm ruling him out. For one thing, I think the Downfall Timeline is pretty much stuck with being on the handhelds, so that leaves the Child and Adult timelines.

Personally, I would love to see Veran look like this in an actual game. However, I think that if you have Veran, you kind of need to have Onox as well, and that path leads to a retread of the Oracles game, although if they do it right, that could be a good thing.

In terms of the DS games, Malladus is much more interesting than Bellum, who kind of just comes across as that timeline's version of Nightmare. Malladus does have a backstory, so the Wii U game could be a kind of prequel to Spirit Tracks.

Ghirahim could come back without having to make his plans be about bring back Demise, but it's really unlikely. Granted, it would be cool to see him having calmed down since the events of Skyward Sword.

So yeah, I want an old villain to come back, just so we can develop them, rather than bringing in another new villain.
Aug 8, 2013
I say a new villain, but that's mostly because I want a sequel, not a prequel, to the series. Skyward sword was wonderful, in the sense that it was a big explanation. It was some closure on a few questions I've had throughout my gaming with the series, but now I want a game that brings up more questions than answers.


Ganondorf definitely should have a part in the new game. However, that's not to say he shouldn't have underlings; more villians serving him. Zant was the perfect combination of being his own character/role while simultaneously leading to something bigger. I'd love to see that again in a Zelda game, maybe Dark Link serving Ganondorf.
Jun 19, 2011
Interesting question. To me it depends on where the next game is going to be placed in the timeline.

If it’s after FSA, Ganon. After AoL, either Dark Link again or a new villain. After ST, Ganon again since this is the only timeline where he hasn't returned in yet after being killed :p or a new villain. If the game is going to take place in between some of the other games than I have no idea but maybe a new villain.

Actually Vaati appearing on the DT or AT should also happen so we know what happened to the Four Sword and get some closing on it in those timelines.

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