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Who do you think will be the main Antagonist?


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Apr 7, 2019
Out of all the things in the teaser trailer, I think one of the things that had me most intrigued was the zombie. Sleuthers galore has theorized it might be the corpse from ganondorf from OoT or TP, most likely from TP since the white hand is holding the zombie down on the chest, where TP ganondorf got stabbed by the Master Sword. Then again it could be just a human form of the Malice from BotW that we see. Or something else.

Maybe it's not even the main villain this time around. The zombie could be totally unrelated to whatever antagonist we get in this game.

Who do you think we will get as the main villain? Any specific one you'd like to see?
I think the zombie is Ganondorf.

It threw me at first why he looked so much like a Sheikah monk, but the Yiga are defective Sheikah so they'd probably know how to preserve him as the Sheikah preserve the monks.

I like what BotW did with Calamity Ganon, it felt fresh, so if Ganondorf comes back maybe they can make him feel fresh too.

As for other enemies... i dunno. I wanna see something new. I don't really want anyone to come back outside of side characters like maybe Aryll (how epic would it be if she was a Zonai warrior?)

So yeah, i'm fine with Ganondorf but if there is someone else i'd prefer it to be new. This is a new age of Zelda, I don't think i want them to bring up the past too much now that Aonuma seems to be building a new mythos from Botw.
May 11, 2011
I like the idea that the zombie is Ganondorf, however, I have always pictured Ganondorf to have a long and pointy nose, whereas this zombie didn't really have a big nose... or did the nose rot overtime? lol


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Jul 6, 2011
That is obviously Ganondorf in the trailer. The painting on the wall is of a man with a trident riding a horse. Ganon is a known trident user.

There is also the Gerudo jewellery on the corpse including the forehead jewel. Sharp canines. Most of the nose seems to have rotted away but the bone is elongated further out than on a regular skull.

Nobody else it could be.


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Jun 22, 2016
Ganon rotted or new dude that using Ganon??
Jun 13, 2019
About the Zombie Ganon nose and ears, I say it is just a decomposed corpse. I mean flesh starts to wear off and bone from the skull is what remains. So nose and ear skin begins to dissappear, therefore a corpse with decomposition will never look the same as a living body.
Apr 3, 2017
If they're showing Ganondorf in the trailer that prominently, there has to be a secondary villian. Guessing it's Demise since he was the first to use Malice in Skyward Sword. Also I don't remember Ganondorf ever having the red eyes. It would be interesting to see how Demise escaped being sealed in the master sword though. Perhaps we finally see how Ganondorf got his power?
Mar 9, 2019
I think it may be Demise, unless they decide that Hyrule Warriors is canon. Because no other previous Ganondorf looks like this one.
Nov 7, 2011
Apparently attempts to translate the Gerudo text that's seen floating around the corpse has shown that it reads "seal Ganon". I'm not sure if that's true or if it's just some baseless claim, as I wasn't able to translate it myself. However, I'd say things like the Gerudo garb and the painting of Ganondorf on the wall point to it being Ganondorf anyway.

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