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Spoiler Who Cried or Almost Cried When...


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Sep 17, 2011
Sacred Grove


That was an emotianal scene but the scene that really got me was when Ghirahim does his dance, i mean the tears are welling up inside me just thinking about it...jk


Wind Waker!
Apr 6, 2012
I played through the game twice (once when it first came out and once 100%) and both times I cried when I watched that cutscene, and once I get around to my Hero Mode 100% playthrough, i'll probably cry again...Nintendo said they cared more about gameplay then story..but the story was amazing..
Apr 8, 2012
Omfg just like everyone else it seems i cried when link was beating the crystal and when zelda said i used you but im still your zelda and when he beat the stone it looked like he was crying and i just got to it this morning but omfg it is one of the most emotional cutscenes ever!
Mar 31, 2012
USA :>
Yes, I will admit it, I totally cried at this scene (as well as at the end of the game). But then, coming from me that may not mean a lot, since I have a tendency to get really emotional and cry over lots of things. My sister called me when she got to this scene as well and was also crying… then again, being pregnant makes her cry a lot. Still, I thought it was a great scene, definitely one of my favorites in the game. You were really able to see the change in Zelda from a girl to a young woman embracing her path in the story. ♥
Dec 22, 2011
It is so rare for me to cry about anything anymore. When I saw this part of the game I was close to tears. Then my little brother completly ruined the moment when he asked why Link cared so much about Zelda so much. He is like 6 though so he dosnt understand it. But I still wanted to slap him for destroying the moment.
I didn't cry but it was one of the most emotionally charged cutscenes i've seen in a zelda game or any game for that matter and i'll forever be disappointed with nintendo for not having the sense to give us a cutscene viewing option/theatre mode. That scene on its own made SS for me since i wasn't enjoying it much up until that point.

The one thing that makes me sad though is that all this time we/Link have been swinging the Master Sword around, Fii, a close friend, has been there by our side, sleeping, silently watching us and we never knew until now... very strange feeling of guilt there...


It was an emotional scene, but crying? Like legit crying? It's a video game lol.

- Dave

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