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Who Are Your Favorite Castlevania Protagonists?

Jan 27, 2011
Castlevania is a rather interesting series, constantly changing it's main characters each game usually leading to new gameplay eliments we got, other playable characters count too like Sypha and Grant from Casltevania 3

my personal favorite protagonists are Alucard, Sypha, Shanoa, Richter, Maria, Simon, Trevor, Grant, Cornell, Eric, and Charlette
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
My all time favorite Castlevania character is easily Trevor Belmont from Castlevania 3. I think its because he's in my favorite old school Castlevania game. My second favorite is Simon Belmont.


The Hylian Zombie
Dec 19, 2011
Julius Belmont, by FAR.

1. He permanently defeated Dracula. BEAT THAT, SIMON. Also, wasn't he like 19 or 20, according to the AoS manual?
2. He seals Castlevania inside a freakin' eclipse. Come on, how is that not awesome?
3. By 2035, he's old, can't remember a thing about his past.....and still kicks butt.
4. His theme in Aria of Sorrow. 'Nuff said.
5. He doesn't need any pansy soul stealing ability to kick Soma's butt in DoS.

Edit: Of course, all the Belmonts are instantly awesome, but Julius is the awesomest, IMO.

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