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Which Zelda is Better?

Dec 31, 2011
Ordon Village
Skyward Sword Zelda

for all the reasons everyone said

I mean, I fell in love with her, i was so enraged when Imprisoned stole her from me, and like some of you said, SS zelda is cutest Zelda;)


The Quiet Man
It's different depending on how you ask...

Design-wise: I'd say Skyward Sword Zelda. She seemed like a simple and relatable girl since I first saw her in the trailers, not like a princess, which can actually look kind of off-turning for me. Even though I didn't really have saving her in mind through the whole game, I still found her scenes with Link really appealing. Let's face it: Many guys like her, and I'm a guy.

Development-wise: I go with Tetra here. The discovery of her being a princess was clearly a pretty big deal in Wind Waker's overall storyline, and made for some memorable (and strangely reminiscent of OoT, in my opinion) scenes.

Memorable moment-wise (wow, that sounds pretty weird...): OoT Zelda, just for the shot at the end of the credits.
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Dec 19, 2011
Vermont, USA
In terms of design: it's a tie between Twilight Princess Zelda and Skyward Sword Zelda. TP Zelda has the best "princess design," while SS has the best "normal" design.

As for character, Tetra is the best Zelda hands-down. She was too awesome. :D
Dec 21, 2011
Her physical design/attractiveness in Brawl is the best (and differs greatly from Twilight Princess), yet her personality design is the best in Skyaward Sword.

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