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General Zelda Which Zelda Game Have You Replayed the Most Amount of Times?


The Everchosen
Dec 18, 2010
Some zelda games were not really as great as some other ones, but i played through them a thousand more times than i did the "better" ones.
Even though Minish Cap is not everybody's most liked zelda game, i have played it through at least 10 times. I mostly forget about the things i liked in it. What i do remember was the theme to the hyrule town and the way that link seems to bop along to the beat.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Ocarina of Time has garnered the most replays from me due to how simple yet enticing the game is. Don't know the exact number but it's above 100 since I've played and replayed all released versions across time. :3


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Dec 17, 2012
LttP - I've been through the game many, many times though most occurred before 2000.
Jan 13, 2013
Eh... Twilight Princess. Yes, I don't care what people say about it, but that's actually the game I've replayed the most. Though, it was my first Zelda game so there's nothing strange about it(yes, I started really late in the franchise). I think I've played it around 3-4 times. You replay some games 100s of times? Wow. Though, the original OoT came out quite a long time ago and there has since been multiple remakes and ports of it, so yeah.


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
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Mine might be pitiful compared to all of yours.

I think I replayed Ocarina of time about 6 or 7 times. That's the most times I've ever replayed a game.

Unlucky Monkey

The Great King of Apes
May 17, 2011
NRW, Germany
I'm not the person who plays through a game 200 times. In most cases, I play through really good games only 2 or 3 times. All time favorites like the old Resident Evil Games and Metal Gear Solid, I play through the games even more times.

Zelda is also one of these games, I play through more times. And the only Zelda, I played more than 5 times to the end is A Link to the Past (currently playing it again). On position number 2 is Ocarina of Time .

But there are also a few Zelda games, I never finished or even played. Currently, I'm playing through the Minish Cap the first time. Thanks to the 3DS Ambassador Program, I can finally play this Zelda I've barely missed on the Game Boy Advance. I also never finished the Wind Waker. Of course it is a great game. I will finish it when the HD version is released for the Wii U. Hopefully with new content.
Two games I only play a few moments on an emulator are both Oracle games. Can't wait for the end of Mai to play both of them. And, finally, The Adventure of Link. I never managed it to finish more than 2 Temples.


Darkest of all Dark Links
Oct 28, 2012
Counting all versions of it, Ocarina of Time. Gonna celebrate my 100th playthrough of it soon.


Ocarina of time 3D on my 3DS,i have played it so many times that i've become master at it,it's become a joke in difficulty,cause it's become so easy to beat the game,so i got bored and tried Master Quest and yeah,that is way challenging,which made it more fun


Jul 1, 2012
It would be my favourite Zelda game in the series, Twilight Princess , I have probably played through the game 4 times each being a 100% playthrough. I don't tend to replay Zelda games that much due to the lack of replay value however with TP it's a case of me just loving everything about that game.


つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Nov 12, 2007
Definitely Majora's Mask, usually at different ages. I could never get all the masks, then take a break, and then always liked to start from scratch. After awhile I did finally just get all the masks and it was quite the achievement! I've actually replayed it recently too, and it's still as fun as ever. Second to that would probably be Ocarina. Not really replayed any other titles at all I don't think. TP once but, yeah, not replayed any handhelds or SS.


Wake Up!
Nov 13, 2012
you all know the answer from me! ALttP Baby! i couldnt tell you how many times ive played that game. Since 94' ive played that game tons one the SNES itself. Emulators down the road, of course that was a game i went to, to test the emulator, Had it on GBA, got it on my wii, its everywhere so i dont know that ive played 100 times, but i know its way up there.

Until my 64 somehow "Vanished" i havent went back, but i would have to say i went back to OoT a lot, at least 5 or 6 times. im playin TP again right now, only my second playthrough cuz the Game Cube has never been accessible to me till recently, I actually borrowed a gamecube when it first game out for my first play through, i see myself playing this one a lot now that i have it and can play it whenever i want.

I plan on going through MC again next cuz it was just a lot of fun, and i remember i didnt complete many sidequest in that game, so im gonna go back and 100% that beast soon!


Jun 22, 2011
I think it's crazy that people have played through OoT or any game 100 times. OoT is a good game, but it's also kind of long. Not too long, compared to some games today, but long enough that 100 times seems crazy to me. You'd have to be constantly playing the game almost every day.
It is excessive, but I'll try to explain the context a little at least from my experience. I've probably played it at least 50 times, and my first playthrough was 15 years ago. That playthrough took about a month to do, and then my second playthrough took a week. I probably played it at least 2 times a year since then, but then I also went through a phase during which I tried to do glitch-free speedruns. So in the course of a month I probably beat it at least a dozen times, and I got fast enough that I could beat the game in a single session (6 hours). So yeah it is excessive in terms of how much time it takes, but the game has been out a really long time now. Still if someone played the game 100 times and it took them an average of 12 hours each time that would equal 50 days of playing time. The older a game is the more understandable it is to have beaten it a lot of times because it's been out a while and games tended to be shorter.


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Jan 31, 2010
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If I say I have replayed TP like 100 times I'm definitely NOT exaggerating. I have replayed it so often I kept on creating a new file as soon as I finished the game. I really have been addicted to it. ooT is close second. Especially on my 3DS I have replayed it a huge lot of times and I switch often between MQ (which I find childs play when it comes to difficulty) and OoT. So still counting ;)

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