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Which Zelda Game Has the Best....

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Aug 15, 2011
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wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
In your opinions, which Zelda games have the best

-design ?

Mine is:

sidequests: Majora's Mask
bosses: ALttP
weapons: Ocarina of Time (while TP has some really fun weapons, most were useless after the dungeon you got them in)
story: can't choose! Either MM or WW (but i think SS will top them both when it comes out)
overworld: WW (mainly because of the exploration factor, I found it fun, but sailing was annoying)
dungeons: TP
characters: OoT (gotta love Saria and Sheik!)
design: Tp's graphics wer nice, but I like the cel-shaded WW + PH ones

what do you think? :)


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May 26, 2010
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Majora's Mask has had the best sidequests to date in any Zelda game. Anju and Kafei, Cremia's Jugs, the entire Mask subquest including Fierce Deity's...just absolutely great. I've yet to see any Zelda with better sidequests, speaking from honesty there.

Ocarina of Time takes the cake here – while no boss was truly complicated, they were all diverse and at least they provided a little bit of challenge to the average new player. I'm a little biased when I vote OoT to have best bosses, as I DID enjoy TWW's bosses though they felt ever so slightly like rehashes of its predecessor's.

By Weapons, I assume that to mean items. I would say that Twilight Princess wins for having the most fun items, and Majora's Mask wins for having the most useable items. You have to admit, TP's Dominion Rod was pretty cool, as were the Double Clawshots. Granted, they didn't have much application, but they had great design behind them and that is a well sought after opinion! MM on the other hand, didn't have such great items as far as design go, but I feel they were used almost all the time. Deku Nuts while optional still had their use in nearly any battle. Bottles will always be used, except by Minimalist runners. Fairies were meaningful (except to the minimalist runner), though I don't concur with the idea of potions really being useful. Chateau always was; I don't count it as a potion to begin with! (:

This is a hard one, as every single Zelda still has the same basic plot structure:
"Boy [explicitly stated to be a boy] gets some troublesome feeling – revelation – learn of main villain – set out to defeat villain"
One could argue that MM and LA don't follow that structure, but I am begging to disagree. So, for the moment, I'll give Legend of Zelda that spot, though I'm certain that others could very well do away with LoZ.

The best overworld in my opinion was Ocarina of Time's. Hyrule Field was simply fantastic, from the music down to the scenery. You don't like all that pixelation? Go play OoT3D! Still beautiful, still the same music, just great all around. Perfect size, too, if I may say so.


This is a hard one; will return to edit it sooner.

Majora's Mask. Almost every single NPC in this game felt almost human; they were believable. No other game, and I heavily doubt SS will either, has given this experience. If a player can be bonded to the NPCs of the game and actually cry during any supposed "touchy" moment, said player is either very sensitive to such things OR the characters are just so freaking great. I can vouch for MM's characters to be just so freaking great.

I am going to assume design means graphical style, in which case I vote Skyward Sword (I know it isn't out yet). SS is the opposite of OoT; where Ocarina was realistic with a heightened sense of cartoon, SS brings cartoon with a more governing presence of realism. I love it, and it looks as if that graphical style will lend itself well to the game!
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Sep 28, 2010
Sidequests- MM almost every SQ gave you Heart Piece or a Mask that is needed to get another Heart Piece.

Bosses- I really liked MM I loved the design of them even though they were extremely easy.

Weapons and Items- TP because it brought so many unique item never before seen in any other LoZ game within the series.

Story- TP it was like two stories going on at once.

Overworld- I really like TP's I love the scenery and so many things to do like find Gold Bugs, Poe Souls, and those were you kill all the crows to get money.

Dungeons- I loved WW's dungeons but I'm not sure why.

Characters- MM or TP. MM because the characters seemed so real emotion wise and TP for the enhanced graphics which made character look more like actual humans.

Design- SwS for the same reasons as VanitasXII.


Jun 22, 2011
sidequests- Majora's Mask is amazing in this respect. Wind Waker would be my distant second and the rest of the games are even farther behind.
bosses- I can't choose between MM and ALTTP. Both games have some of the most difficult bosses in the series, and none of the bosses were overly simplistic.
weapons- Legend of Zelda wins IMO because it's the only game (I think) that had entirely original items and weapons. Plus I love the raft and ladder for some reason. ALTTP is my second pick.
story- Wind Waker is probably my favorite.
overworld- Legend of Zelda is by far my favorite because you can explore the entire overworld at the start of the game. Nonlinearity is amazing! Also I liked AOL's town system.
dungeons- I'm going with a tie between ALTTP, OOT, MM, and TP because I felt that each game had very high quality dungeons. I would lean towards OOT as my favorite though. Notably, I didn't like WW's dungeons very much at all.
characters- I'd say MM is tops. AOL is an honorable mention because of Error.
design- graphically I like ALLTP and WW most. Overall game design LOZ is the best.
Aug 7, 2008
-sidequests- Majora's Mask (So well devoloped, Anju and Kafei forever!)

-bosses - Link to the Past (Lot's of variety and strategy)

-weapons - Legend of Zelda (Everything was so useful, I bombed and burnt everything, magic rod was a lifesaver on low hearts)

-story - Link's Awakening (Best ending ever, I actually felt like Link was the bad guy in this)

-overworld - Ocarina of Time (Just love exploring this world, and its just fun to hang out in, Honorable mention for Windwaker world as well)

-dungeons - Twilight Princess (well structured and diverse, and cool dungeon items despite the fact that they are useless elsewhere)

-characters - Majoras Mask (very well developed, close 2nd for Windwaker characters with there great cell shaded expressions)

-design - Legend of Zelda (the designs are so different for each game, I finally settled on the original since it broke the mold)


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Jun 19, 2011
Hmm, this is a tough one. There's so many, and I haven't even played every single Zelda out there, but I'll try my best! :sweat:
Everyone will probably agree with me, and I will choose Majora's Mask. This game was pretty amazing! Sometimes, on my playthrough, I usually think that some of the sidequests are part of the main quest! That's pretty impressive! I mean, to create a game with that distracting of a sidequest(s) is just purely genius. I'm hoping for a Zelda game to come out with that multitude of sidequests.
Boss quality has sort of gone to the bottom the last few years. I mean not in gameplay itself, but just in originality and difficulty. But, I'm not grading my favorite game bosswise by that. I'm going to grade it to how memorable the boss battles were. When it comes to that, I'd have to say that my most memorable boss battles were in Twilight Princess. The pure scale of the boss battles were nothing short of epic. That said, it's difficulty was the one that came short of my expectations. I mean, you see a giant Fyrus right in front of you, and the first feeling you get is intimidation. After few minutes with the guy, it feels like you'd rather fight a bird; yup, that's how easy it was. But again, these bosses were pretty memorable. The only times you get to fight a dragon was in The Legend of Zelda, with all the Gleeoks. In Twilight Princess, they one-upped it by adding Argorok. Again, it was an embarrassment with the difficulty, but the experience just took my breath away. Don't even get me started on the final boss.
What's Link without a weapon, right? It's been a while, but I'm going to say Minish Cap has the best items. The concept of building the Four Sword was amusing to me. And how can you forget about the Gust Jar, Roc's Cape, that Cane, and most of all Ezlo? That was quite interesting, right? They were pretty useful, as well (*cough Twilight Princess cough*). They also added more flavor to the puzzle-solving and the gameplay. The weapons/items produced that Metroid feeling where you need to get something in order to get past a certain barrier. That also adds a sense of curiosity as to what's hiding behind that obstruction. It then stimulates your head and gets you thinking, contributing to the sense of exploration
This one easily goes to Twilight Princess. To all of you who don't agree, I see why, but let me try to change your thoughts. Twilight Princess had a solid story, well at least in the near beginning. With Zant acting like the boss, and taking control of Hyrule single-handedly (well, that's what we thought at first). He was so mysterious, with his creepy mask, increasing the intrigue. With the dark atmosphere, everything just contributed well. I've been dying to see Zelda take the dark side path, but I guess it's not going to get darker than Majora's Mask, right? Anyways, to get back on topic, Twilight Princess had some nice characters to interact with, and it also had a VERY surprising twist. I'm pretty sure that almost no one ever saw the twist coming. But that twist happens to be what broke the story for people, and I understand that. But that aside, the Dark Interlopers really interested me. It piqued my interest, and has ever since. It should, hopefully, be quenched when Skyward Sword is released.
This one is no contest: The Legend of Zelda. This game had it all! Secret caves, hidden caverns, Moblin hideouts, and secret shops, scattered all over the Overworld. This is probably the only game that also had invisible places (path to the secret rupees, remember?)to explore. This game truly is what set the exploration factor in the Zelda series, and I hope that Nintendo tries their hand at making exploration like this in other Zelda games. I mean, come on, there was a dungeon that was literally hidden! Yes, I'm talking about Level 8 here, that one that you had to burn the tree. I believe it had a disappointing mini-game, but the overall game and exploration more than make up for it.
Ocarina of Time takes this spot! The dungeons posed a lot of challenge, and were brilliantly designed. It truly lives up to the bars that previous Zelda, and Nintendo games out there. The Water Temple was pretty frustrating with all the changes of the water levels, but it's okay. The puzzles presented in these dungeons were also fun, inventive, innovative, and gave your brain a hard time! There's nothing more to say about this. Ocarina has the best dungeon design, and that's that!
I've never really played it, but Wind Waker takes the crown in this area. It has arguably, the best depiction of Ganondorf. I mean, yeah, he's a fat guy, but he had the most feelings of any Ganondorf out there. The other characters are no pushover either. Tetra, anyone? Yeah, she was the boss, and didn't have any princess-like traits to her. She was still that same pirate who lived for exploration. Link, well, this is something I NEVER said, but Link had character in this game! Like above the post before this one, they had nice expressions. It didn't make Link a separate character from us in which we couldn't fill in for him, but it still showed his individual feelings, nearly mirroring our own if we were in his situation.
Design/Art Style
I'm a big fan of anime, so I'm going to hand this to Twilight Princess. Sure, the world's weren't "colorful" but the whole concept of the art is simply gorgeous! Lake Hylia was the best Lake Hylia ever! It was just gorgeous and breath taking. I can spend a long time in Hyrule Field killing some Moblins(?) while taking in the beautiful scenery of every unique provinces. The character designs were pretty good, too. This Link looked even better than Adult Link from OoT, and is better than Link in SS, IMO. There were some pretty weird looking characters, too, and that added some humor to this dark universe. The art style also goes along well with the story, so...:yes: :yes:

Anyways, that's my opinion on which games should win which category! I hope you found this post helpful!
Oct 16, 2011
-sidequests: well this is hard. umm... ... ... It starts with an m. mmm mmm The minish cap comes second to MM due to the kinstones.
-bosses: LoZ. Not much to say other than they all were original. Edit: Because they were the first. OoS has hardest final boss that I have played.
-weapons: LA had more weapons than you could carry. Thank you boomerang.
-story: LA again. It is all a dream and link will end all of the lives on the island by waking himself up.
-overworld: ALttP for the dark world.
-dungeons: MM had 4 solid dungeons. Like they were like -273[SUP]o[/SUP]C (0K-absolute zero-the point where all particles stop moving-densest a solid can be). They were challenging, have replay value, well thought out, make you think, and are just plain fun. easily beat the WW5, PH6(?,7,8, not important), almost tie with OoT, LoZ, ALttP, OoS, and LA N/A:FSA, FS, AoL
-characters: WW gave the most in game detail about all the charters with the figurines and had more lively characters than MC.
-design:TW-reason it was rated T?-blood gates
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Jun 19, 2011
-sidequests: well this is hard. umm... ... ... It starts with an m. mmm mmm The minish cap comes second to MM due to the kinstones.
-bosses: LoZ. Not much to say other than they all were original.
Indeed, but in game, the bosses weren't really that original. I mean, they had as many gleeoks in that game as there are as many Zelda games.


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Sep 19, 2011
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-sidequests- Definately Majora's Mask. There are a ton of sidequests to do, they are all really good, and were often very deep and emotional, and helped you understand the various characters and feel their pain.
-bosses- A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time probably have the best bosses here, they were all very well designed and interesting bosses.
-weapons- Definately A Link to the Past. This game is where most of the items in the series originated. They were all great items and have stuck with the series ever since they appeared in this game.
-story- OoT and LA had the best stories imo. OoT took everything that made ALttP's storyline so great and made it better and more complex. LA's storyline was very good in that it involved Link actually having to make serious decisions that could not only change his life, but the lives of the inhabitants of an entire island, and it was the first game to involve good amounts of interaction with other characters in the overworld and also the first game in the series to feature some type of romance between Link and another character(Marin).
-overworld- OoT takes this one for me. Like with the story, it takes everything great in ALttP's overworld and makes it better. It was the first game in the series to have the different races have their own locations/domains and overall had a beutiful and expansive overworld.
-dungeons- I would have to say Majora's Mask- even if there were realitively few dungeons in the game, they were all really well-designed and nostalgic dungeons with some great music- the Stone Tower Temple is especially good and is my personal favorite in the series.
-characters- I would have to say MM again. You get to know the characters in MM more than in any other game- the character's backstorys are told in greater detail than in any other game and, like I said before, you get to feel their pain and hardships to a very high extent.
design- OoT and MM take this one for me because of personal preference- I like the music and graphical style of both these games very much.

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