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Which Will Be Your Starter?


Smash is Life
Sep 23, 2012
Beijing, China
Seeing the new evolutions, I'll probably go with Froakie. Frogadier looks pretty suave and kinda boss, and I don't like what I'm seeing from the other two as much (especially Quilladin), so I'm gonna go with Froakie.

Then I can get Mega Venusaur w/ Thick Fat and kick some serious Pokeass...

shane gardner30

chespin because ilove grass types
and ihave not used a grass type since gen5


Is FINALLY out of school!
Mar 16, 2012
Foeba, my town in Animal Crossing
I don't know! Its so hard to choose because all of their final evolutions are rare types! At first, I wanted Froakie cuz I've made it a tradition to pick the water type starter on my first run through. But then Chespin looks so cute! And then the final evolutions came and psychic is my favorite type! Ugggh I can't choose!

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